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Games for Health to Showcase Exergaming Products to Fight Obesity

The 7th Annual Games for Health Conference is nearing! On May 18-19 hundreds of game developers, health professionals, and leading researchers will brainstorm and debate how video game and videogames technologies can work to improve health & healthcare.

At this event one of the leaders in the industry, Exergame Fitness will be showcasing how some of these technologies can in fact help combat obesity.  On display in the “Active Gaming/Exergame Tent” will be some of the most outstanding products YMCA’s, Schools, and other Fitness Centers are now realizing the potential benefits behind.

At this event you will be able to see one of the best multiplayer Exergames called, iDANCE. The iDance Multiplayer concept is an original idea from Positive Gaming, created and designed for environments such as Fitness Centers, Schools, YMCA’s, Park Districts and Leisure Centers. The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE Multiplayer System offers up to 32 wireless dance platforms for simultaneous play with up to three separate difficulty levels on screen at once.

Looking for something with lights, loud noises, and engaging game play for all ages, come checkout the Lightspace Wall. The Lightspace Play Wall combines the latest in interactive technology with software controlled content that will provide hours of fun and exercise for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. The system is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of games and interactive programs that can be used by multiple participants simultaneously.

Perhaps you’re looking for something that engages reflexes, brain power, and competitive play spirit, well the Makoto II will be there for you. The Makoto Arena II is the premier Exergaming system on the market today. Why? It is the only interactive game that is three-dimensional in which the player is totally immersed in lights and sounds. This multiplanar, multidirectional interactive fitness game delivers documented brain and body fitness while providing the participant unbridled fun and excitement!

For those looking for an Active Gaming piece not only for health clubs and YMCA’s but home use as well, Ubisoft will be showcasing Just Dance 2 and the not yet released Just Dance Kids for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect.  Both these games pushes the envelope even further with more accurate movement recognition, allowing better dancers to reap the rewards of their superior skill, without putting the game out of reach of beginners.  This allows an exciting opportunity for both kids and adults to play together.

Tired of going to the gym and riding the same old stationary bikes?  Lucky for you the Exerbike will be there to combine the power of physical activity, with Playstation 3 graphics.  This pedal to play system allows all ages to be engaged in different Playstation racing games, but adding movement to the concept.  Whether you want to play by yourself, or compete against a friend, there are options for both.

The Jump Zone is one of the newest added pieces to the Exergaming suite of products. Jump, Run, Hop, Lunge to get the highest score in the latest innovations in group play and individual training programs.  See if you can set the new high score!

Featuring two-days of talks, more then 400 attendees and 40 sessions provided by an international array of over 60 speakers cutting across a wide range of activities in health and health care the Games for Health event is one of the premier conferences in the country.  We look forward to seeing everyone there but if you are unable to attend feel free to add us as friends on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for updates throughout the conference.

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