Granger School District is located in rural eastern Washington in the southern Yakima Valley.  They have over 200 dedicated teaching and support staff members who strongly believe that all children deserve a chance to succeed.

Recently Exergame was lucky enough to introduce the tWall into their Physical Education and Special Education program.  This innovative approach can be effectively used in physical education (PE) to enhance students’ engagement, motivation, and overall fitness levels. Here’s how exergaming can be integrated into physical education:

  • Active Learning: Exergames promote active learning by requiring students to move their bodies while playing. This aligns with the primary goal of physical education, which is to encourage regular physical activity and the development of physical fitness.
  • Increased Engagement: Exergaming leverages technology and interactive gameplay, making it more appealing to students, especially those who may be less enthusiastic about traditional PE activities. This increased engagement can help combat sedentary behavior and motivate students to be physically active.
  • Inclusivity: Exergames can be adapted to accommodate students with different fitness levels and abilities. This inclusivity allows all students to participate and feel successful in physical education classes and so much more!

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