Recently Exergaming has been implemented with distance learning opportunities. We wanted to highlight a grant through the USDA that can be specifically targeted for rural communities. This competitive program helps rural communities use advanced telecommunications technology to connect to each other – and the world – overcoming the effects of remoteness and low population density.


Who may apply?

For both programs, eligible applicants include most entities that provide education or health care through telecommunications, including:

  • State and local governmental organizations
  • Federally-recognized Tribes
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Incorporated, for-profit businesses
  • Groups of eligible entities working together

How may the funds be used?

Funds can be used to purchase or support:

  • Audio, video, and interactive video equipment
  • Broadband facilities used for distance learning or telemedicine (up to a certain percentage)
  • Computer hardware, network components, and software
  • Instructional programming
  • Limited technical assistance and instruction on how to use distance learning and telemedicine equipment

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Recently Exergame has also started working with some grant writers to better assist non-profit organizations. Grant writers play a crucial role in securing funding for non-profit organizations, including those interested in purchasing exergaming equipment. Here’s how they can be beneficial:

  • Expertise in Funding Opportunities: Grant writers are typically skilled in researching and identifying various funding opportunities, including grants specifically tailored for non-profits. They can sift through numerous options to find grants that align with the organization’s mission, goals, and the specific need, such as purchasing exergaming equipment.
  • Crafting Compelling Proposals: Writing grant proposals requires a specific set of skills to effectively communicate the organization’s mission, goals, and the intended use of funds. Grant writers excel in crafting compelling narratives that highlight the importance of the project, the impact it will have on the community or target audience, and why it deserves funding. This persuasive writing is essential in convincing grant-making organizations to invest in the project.
  • Navigating Application Processes: Grant applications often come with complex guidelines and requirements. Grant writers are experienced in navigating these processes, ensuring that all necessary documentation is provided and that the application is submitted correctly and on time. This reduces the chances of applications being rejected due to technical errors or incomplete information.

Contact us to if you are interested in finding a helping hand in the grant process!

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