Humbolt Elementary is a K-6 school in Grant County School District #3 in Oregon. It has wonderful resources for all students that highlight academic achievement, and public health. Recently Exergame was added to their new sensory room.

Sensory rooms are designed to provide a therapeutic environment that caters to individuals with sensory processing issues or sensory sensitivities. These rooms are often used in schools, therapy centers, and healthcare facilities to help people manage sensory overload or sensory-seeking behaviors. Exercise can be a valuable component in a sensory room for several reasons:

  1. Sensory Integration: Sensory rooms aim to help individuals better integrate and process sensory information. Exercise with the tWall can stimulate the sensory system, promoting better sensory processing. Activities like jumping on a trampoline, swinging, or even yoga can engage various sensory modalities, such as proprioception and vestibular input, which are crucial for sensory integration.
  2. Regulation of Sensory Responses: Regular exercise can help individuals regulate their sensory responses. The tWall can have a calming effect on an overstimulated person or provide sensory input for those seeking sensory stimulation.
  3. Emotional Regulation: Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural mood lifters. In a sensory room, the tWall can be used to help individuals manage emotions and stress. It can be especially helpful for individuals who may become overwhelmed by sensory stimuli or those who experience anxiety or meltdowns.
  4. Motor Skills Development: Sensory rooms often target motor skill development. tWall exercises in these rooms can promote gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and strength. These skills are essential for everyday activities and can help individuals improve their overall functional abilities.

It’s essential to work with therapists, educators, or caregivers who are knowledgeable about sensory processing and exercise to design appropriate exercise routines in a sensory room.  Contact us to learn how the tWall can be used in your sensory room!

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