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Improve Memory, Reflexes & Concentration With BrainBike

BrainBike to be shown at the Education in Action Luncheon by University of South Florida and the Lets Move Campaign’s Executive Director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

The BrainBike by Motion Fitness combines the latest research in Brain Training – in order to improve memory, reflexes, concentration, and a complete range of mental abilities – along with an advanced exercise bike developing aerobic and cardio health.

Students get Brain brakes by playing 22 different fun and engaging software Exergames.

“What we are doing is giving students the ability to process and improve their memory by playing Exergames. We are not giving them actual material that they are currently studying. We want them to take a break from study, but still be able to improve their Academic success. The efficient workout exercises the body (with a bike) and the Brain (with Neuroactive software) simultaneously through fun game play” adds Dr. Bergeron, President Brain Center of America.

“We see students across the country getting a tremendous benefit from the NeuroActive BrainBike. If this product is positioned in a Physical Education environment students will gravitate to the product that lets them play cool games. If it is used in a Learning Readiness program it will engage the students and activate their brain and cognition level to improve performance. The BrainBike Neoractive software program has 22 brain games designed to work different parts of the brain, providing a complete Brain Fitness workout. In addition, they get the great benefits of exercise while they play”. Ed Kasanders, President of Motion Fitness.

The University of South Florida’s College of Education will be hosting the annual Education in Action Luncheon . Each year the College chooses a topic in which to focus at the event. This year the focus in on childhood obesity while highlighting active gaming.

Experts at the University of South Florida who have been on the leading edge of active gaming research will have the opportunity to showcase their findings for the nation’s top physical fitness director, Shellie Pfohl.

President Obama named Pfohl as director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS) earlier this year. She leads the efforts related to First Lady Michelle Obama’s national “Let’s Move” campaign to solve childhood obesity.
Pfohl will be in town to deliver the keynote address at the USF College of Education’s 14th Annual Education in Action Luncheon. USF’s Education in Action luncheon brings together hundreds of community leaders and educators in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of partnerships among the college, K-12 schools in the Tampa Bay area and community.

Work conducted by the College of Education’s School of Physical Education and Exercise Science related to childhood obesity and active gaming (the use of technology to promote physical activity), will be highlighted during the event.

“Active gaming is gaining in popularity around the country,” said Lisa Hansen, assistant professor in the School of Physical Education and Exercise Science and co-director of the active gaming research labs at USF. “We are proud to be one of the first to not only embrace this contemporary movement, but research active gaming in order to learn more about the potential technology has in turning children on to daily physical activity.”

“Research shows that daily physical activity can improve academic performance,” added Stephen Sanders, professor and director of the School of Physical Education and Exercise Science and co-director of the active gaming research labs. “Together, we can put research into action to develop active, healthy kids.”

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