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Motion Fitness Presents at Nintendo and American Heart Association Event

In one of the first of its kind, Motion Fitness will be speaking at the Power of Play conference, hosted by Nintendo and the American Heart Association on January 12th, 2011.

Motion Fitness will bring its experience in the exergaming industry to the conference by focusing on community organizations like the YMCA, and how they are the ideal family-oriented establishment to make a high-level shift in the Active Play / Exergame market to encourage physical activity.

The YMCA is a driver of change and its new mission along with exergaming is the perfect vehicle.  Through this experience we hope to share how implementing quality products and programs in hundreds of YMCA locations nationwide has helped lead the movement to implementing active play with video games.

We would like to welcome the chance to show you how we can build a nationwide program centered around your Focus in Youth Development and Healthy Living.  We have devices, products, and programs that can be implemented immediately.  These can be custom created for the YMCA, they can be sponsored through corporate donations, and they can carry the important message of the Y to expand its engagement.

It is our hope through the charge being led by Nintendo and the American Heart Association to combat obesity through video games, that Motion Fitness can provide all facilities with a tool for change.  To change the mindset that video games can be used in an effective way to keep people active, happy, and healthy!

About: The Power of Play Conference:

The Power of Play: Innovations in Getting Active, hosted by the American Heart Association and Nintendo of America, will bring together thought leaders with unique perspectives from the divergent worlds of fitness, science, health care, research and video games. Speakers will engage the audience in conversations that investigate the synergies and potential benefits of active-play video games and physically active lifestyles. This is your chance to think in a big-picture way about innovations in getting active: What is the future of active play? What are the most innovative experiments to track? What will the world of active-play video games look like in the year 2011? 2016? 2021?

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