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For most of us, the “Old PE” met the needs of a select few. Everyone else was often left with a lifetime of bad memories and demeaning experiences. Today, the “New PE” is about developing a healthy lifestyle and teaching the whole child.

The “New PE” core values have helped our Fitness Scores rise to tops in the State, but more importantly made PE fun for our students! At Sierra Vista, we believe our PE program should be directed to all students, not just the athletically inclined. Being able to offer a variety of fitness, lifetime and adventure activities for students has helped provide a safe and encouraging learning environment. By adding technology to our program, we are now able to Safely and Objectively monitor a student’s effort through the use of heart rate monitors for cardiovascular assessment.

What is the “New PE” ? It means teaching fitness over sport skills. We still teach the sport skills that are required through our Standards, it’s just not our primary focus as it used to be. More importantly, it’s about objective measurement over subjective grading. Our administration likes that everyone is involved and is communicated. The parents/students and teachers work together to meet a student’s goals. Through the Brain Research of Harvard Professor Dr. John Ratey and his book “SPARK”, we have learned that Exercise Based Learning is the key to improving the brain. This concept has helped us apply several PE applications into the PE/Academic curriculum.

A fresh focus on fitness has given us new approaches in tackling the childhood obesity epidemic. As part of our effort to encourage physical fitness, we have transformed our Old Gym into a State of the Art Fitness Center that includes: 16 Virtual Bikes, 16 DDR’s and 8 Xavix Exercise programs and a Brain Bike. Adding Exergaming training equipment to our program has added a new and fun way in working out.

Our program has demonstrated improved fitness scores, increased academic scores (API), decreased discipline referrals and community involvement. Sierra Vista Jr. High’s PE program has been recognized the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports as an official Demonstration Center.

Tommy Seilheimer VP of Exergame Fitness adds:

“George is evolutionary in his ways of teaching “New PE” to his students. Exergame Fitness is prous to have Mr. Velarde as an advisory board member with our company because of his passion for keeping kids active, healthy and fit by utilizing Exergaming Products that work with today’s kids.

This year we had the distinct pleasure of doing a “live – donation day” at George’s School where we brought out all sorts of Exergaming products so the kids could raise money at their school to get the latest and greatest equipment for their “every-day PE” classes.”

To learn more about the “New PE” at Sierra Vista Jr. High , contact George Velarde.

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