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CardioWall Landscape

A Big Punch In A Small Package

Versatile for elite athletes, children, and wheelchair users.

Whether your facility caters to adults, wheelchair users, athletes, or children, our fitness program product is a benefit to any establishment. It can be used by any individual, a pair or people, or in a group setting. It can be a big challenge for a person to ensure that they are performing at top shape. This fitness program product can help with balance, stretching, squats, reaching, and mental alertness. CardioWall Landscape is a great tool for any facility because of the versatility if offers. Watch out video below to learn more about how this product can benefit a fitness facility.

Functional & Flexible; Accessible & Inclusive

Train lateral movement, peripheral vision and reach with the CardioWall Landscape. Used with hands, gloves, soft weights, medicine balls and more, CardioWall can simulate a huge range of functional training exercises that are ideal for users of any age and ability.

Key Features

Create your own workouts or simply hit start and go.
• >4 inbuilt games develop speed, stamina, mental alertness, reaction time, core strength, hand-eye coordination and balance.
• High visual impact and fully brandable.
• Ideal for rehabilitation and users with limited mobility, schools and youth sports training.
• Use individually, 1-on-1 or in teams/groups.
• Players receive a score to measure progress – fun and highly motivational.
• Space efficient – protrudes just 4” from the wall.

Specs and Product Information

Horizontal Product Information: Size – 2100mm (W) x 1220mm (H) x 55mm(D), 9 multi-color bullet-proof lightpods mounted in tough composite moulding. Digital sound effects and spoken word instructions. Adjustable game time and skill levels. Customizable front graphic. Required 230Vac – 5A supply (with approx 1m of trailing wire)

Games included:

• Chaser – follow the red lightpad and biff it quick – a great test of reactions.
• ClearOut – all the lightpads, all on. Bash them as fast as you can to build a huge score.
• ClusterShot – groups of lightpads light up, then bosh them before they turn off in sequence. Green = 3 pts, Yellow = 2pts, Reed = 1pt. Tests your speed and your reactions. How quick are you?
• Combat – challenge another player on the other wall and compete to turn on your light pods quicker than they can turn them off – really addictive!

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