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Racine YMCA Makes a Move Into The Future With Exergaming

The RACINE FAMILY YMCA has been serving all of Racine County Wisconsin for more than 136 years.  In which it has has provided safe and caring environments, positive role models, creative activities, and opportunities to serve the community.  Through these leading innovative efforts, Racine YMCA has been building strong kids, strong families, and stronger communities.

As part of their continued plan to add innovative programs to the YMCA Youth Development initiative, they have recently added a new level of fitness innovation to their child care facility, Exergaming or as some call it, Exertainment.  Fitness is not about who is best at sports any longer, it is no longer about who is the most athletic, it is no longer about ability level.   It is about fitness, personal wellness, and quality of life.   When a child interacts with a gamified, interactive experience as a fitness tool, they do not even realize that they are working out. Exergaming is a great tool to motivate children to participate and actively engage in fitness through the use of gamification.

Racine YMCA CEO Jeff Collen was looking for a way that would enable children to exercise that allowed them to have fun, remained engaged, and get a moderate workout.  When deciding on what would be the best fit he chose the future of fitness.   The future of fitness that Jeff helped bring to the children at his YMCA  included systems such as the T-Wall, iStep DDR Package, and Exerbike System.

With the T-Wall whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction, T-wall tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge. This universal training tool provides a fantastic cardio workout across numerous applications, including Exergaming, sports, fitness, and rehabilitation.

The Exerbike GS is a strong and reliable commercial-grade stationary bike enhanced with pedal-to-play gamercize technology.  This product uses magnetic resistance technology and can be used with any XBOX game to create the best workout experience.  The resistance and program settings will keep you working while the adjustable and safety features will keep you comfortable.  Using feedback information from the console screen, all Exerbike GS rides can be recorded and tracked.

The iStep is a multiplayer dance game that delivers physical, cognitive, and social benefits that parallel those of other Positive Gaming systems. Through 23 difficulty levels, iStep will get players exercising while moving to the rhythm of their choice of 50 songs from various genres and regions.

Is the 7-14 year old demographic a group you and your YMCA are targeting?  Are you interested in learning more about the YOUTH X room including the programming, marketing and ROI that accompany the room?

Exergame Fitness would love to follow up and extend an opportunity to have a personalized webinar for you and your key staff.  In this webinar we can clearly outline the room, the products and the synergies we have with the YMCA mission for Youth Development.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you  ‘Fix Fitness’ for the next generation of YMCA members!

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