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Fit Interactive astonished the fitness industry with its emergence in 2008, the first truly interactive fitness equipment on the market.  The technology infuses proven training principles with entertaining exercise platforms.

Invented and endorsed by fitness experts, trainers around the world agree this equipment provides the perfect tool for engaging clients of all ages.  The 3Kick, HeavyBall, and JumpQ, enhance speed, agility, strength and provide an excellent cardiovascular workout.  These games combine the three essential components of a successful exercise program – full body functional training, fun, and variety.  These revolutionary pieces of equipment use lights, sound,and a scoring system that engage the competitive spirit for all ages and fitness levels.

Experts agree:  “Your club can engage your members of all ages with a Fit Interactive area.  Motivate your members to increase physical activity by using technology along with sound principles of movement.  Fit Interactive offers the best in group fitness games to engage, to improve fitness and cognition, lose weight, socialize, and to have fun! From kids and teens to adults and seniors, the proven Fit Interactive Exergame programs will encourage end-user well-being.” -Ed Kasanders, CEO, Motion Fitness

“Fit Interactive products are the perfect combination of fitness and gaming.  While Exergaming is a growing trend, it is important to focus no only on the gaming element, but on what products are going to allow the participant to reach a high level of fitness.  Whether you are focusing on core work with the HeavyBall, Plyometric Training with the JumpQ, or with the fast twitch muscle by striking the 3 Kick, you are in for a full-on WORKOUT!” – Parker Johnson, Project Manager, Motion Fitness

Initially, Fit Interactive was incorporated in many YMCA’s, NFL Play60 programs, and military facilities to create “kid zones.”  Inevitably, commercial health clubs began to see the value of including interactive fitness in the main fitness area.

The current trend in the fitness industry is toward “out-of-the-box” practices.  The emergence of Cross Fit has impacted the fitness industry monumentally.  Everyone today is fighting for the competitive edge and Fit Interactive is the perfect compliment to any facility.

People today are quite competitive and love the “cross fit”  challenge.  Providing customers with what they want ultimately gives your facility the advantage necessary to drive membership.  Trainers continually need to keep training programs fresh and alive — the sky is the limit with the versatility of the Fit Interactive products!

Now you can REVOLUTIONIZE your game; and, ultimately, you can revolutionize your business with an interactive package and configured specifically for your space.  A Fit Interactive package can provide unlimited possibilities and training programs for trainers and staff to interact and connect with members.

Jennifer McInerney, shares insight in CBI, August 2012: “Research shows that the overextended, multitasking Generation X (1965-1982) seeks a high-touch, high-service member experience.  They make up 40% of our overall membership and most likely have money available for additional programming.  They are attracted to that 30 minute group experience because of their busy schedules and they like the social community.  Generation Y (1981-2000) has been experiencing high unemployment and does not have a lot of disposable income for personal training so they are drawn to a group setting.  Both groups make up 53% of our members and join in to stay healthy and in shape.  I believe we can capture more and retain this group with what Fit Interactive has to offer by simply revolutionizing your space!

Parker Johnson, Project Manager of Motion Fitness weighs in on the “spacing” subject: “Space is always at a premium when it comes to Exergaming.  The best products are those that can be multi-generational, not take up as much space, while people still get a great workout in.

Specifically, with the FIT Interactive products, you have the ability to put them against the wall, in the middle of the room, or even in the corner! No other products out there offer you a wide variety of activities, while also being a space saver.”

Fit Interactive is committed to continually improving its products.  Extensive research and testing have resulted in significant enhancements over the last several years.  One of the most significant upgrades is the positioning of the lights on the 3Kick.  The new placement substantially improves its functionality and durability.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that all our parts are manufactured and assembled in Franklin, Pennsylvania,” says Michaela Salvitti, now the sole proprietor of Fit Interactive.  Proud of the line’s production and success, she is passionate about the fitness industry and the continual evolution of Fit Interactive.

Always looking ahead for fitness solutions, Michaela sees an even brighter future with the new products on the horizon as well as new generations of the current line.  All of this being said, no doubt Fit Interactive is on the leading edge of interactive fitness while being the driving force behind engaged fitness for multi-generations of clients.

This article was mentioned in the Winter 2013 issue of the National Fitness Trade Journal.

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