runBeat is the ultimate group interactive cardio equipment for immersive exercises. Match your physical skills and build your social skills through deep engagement

runBeat is interactive fitness equipment that has group exercise activities for athletes of various fitness levels to work out together. At a single time, 2 to 8 treadmills can be connected to a single runBeat system for an engaging cardio session. You can work out in tandem with your friends, peers at an exercise center, or with family members.

runBeat’s workouts are designed in such a way that everyone can work alongside, creating unique avatars for themselves. Each athlete can work on their specific fitness goals while tracking everyone’s progress. The avatars on the screen react to the changes in the runner’s speed and provide instant feedback during the game. It doesn’t matter if your fitness levels don’t match your friend’s. Your teenage kid may be challenging you for a faceoff on the mountain trail. Or you may just be exercising with a gym buddy. runBeat’s statistics can be used for competitions, or among individuals of different fitness levels to work out together without changing their pace.


You can enjoy running on a variety of terrains, along the countryside or seaside. runBeat lets you simulate the experience as you run on an indoor treadmill. Whether it is a walk, sprint, or run, the distances and racetracks are automatically set. At a time, up to 8 treadmills can be hooked up to the runBeat system, which makes it excellent equipment for competitions. It can be added to one’s home gym for full-body workouts, interval training, and warm-ups. So, even if it is raining outside or snowing, you needn’t miss your daily walk or run. You can simply send your runBeat avatar to a racetrack in tropical terrain and stick to your workout schedule.

If you want to take a relaxing run or walk without inhibitions of statistics or benchmarks, go for a free run. Experience a new way of indoor exercising that connects you with the outside and shared experiences with runBeat.

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