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Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center Uses Unique Kids Fitness Equipment

In 1998, Mrs. Joan Kroc, widow of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, donated $90 million to The Salvation Army to build a comprehensive community center in San Diego, California. Her goal was to create a center, supported in part by the community, where children and families would be exposed to different people, activities and arts that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

When Mrs. Kroc passed away in October 2003, she left $1.5 billion – much of her estate – to The Salvation Army, by far the largest charitable gift ever given to the Army, and the largest single gift given to any single charity at one time.  To date, 12 centers are open and operating. An additional 15 centers are currently scheduled to open in 2011 and beyond for a total of 27 centers once the project is complete.

One of the new Ray and Joan Kroc Community Centers opened right in Quincy, IL which has incorporated some of the newest interactive fitness equipment for their Kids Center.  During this time they consulted with one of the leaders in the kid’s fitness industry, Exergame Fitness.

Exergame Fitness is the global leader in Exergaming products and medically driven programming.  Having over 10+ years experience in the fitness industry and were first to market with fully customized room designs keeping active gaming a positive way of battling childhood obesity and inactivity. We have the largest selection of tested products in the industry.

Exergame Fitness worked with the Salvation Army in Quincy on some of the best exergaming products in the industry like Exerbikes,LightspaceMakoto, and DDR Packages.

The Makoto II Arena was one of the first products they thought would be a great fit for the facility!  Did you know that the brain benefits of playing Makoto have been shown to increase math and reading speeds? There are also specific games to help players with ADD or AD/HD to improve their focus and concentration. Top athletes and the military train on Makoto to improve their quickness and reaction time. Why? Because Makoto’s impact on the human brain is like ramping up the operating speed on a super computer!

With the Exerbike system it is pretty simple, Pedal to play! The Exerbike” is a commercial-grade game bike designed to bring competitive fun and stunning Playstation graphics back into kids’ interactive fitness. Using the superior power and technology of the Playstation 3, users can play their favorite racing, boating, motorcycle and biking games while achieving a great cardio workout without them knowing it. The interaction of the Exerbike user with the Playstation 3 games masks the overall feel of exercise. Once you hop onto the bike, the games pull you in visually and pedaling becomes second nature. This is a real fun and healthy alternative to traditional kids fitness.

Lightspace Play is a revolutionary entertainment system that combines the latest display and interactive technologies to produce a recreational experience that will provide hours of fun for children and adults of all ages. The system is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of games and interactive programs that can be used by any number of participants simultaneously.

Lastly dance games are fun – when used with the right equipment. Durability, accuracy, lightweight and easy handling, are important factors when choosing a dance platform for repeated play and exercise. The Impact dance platforms are designed by dance game specialists in close co-operation with the world’s best machine dancers, to ensure the highest level of product excellence.

Exergame Fitness is proud to be able to take part in such a great cause like the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Centers.  It is our hope that with the incorporation of Exergaming and Active Gaming products the Salvation Army in Quincy, IL will promote kids fitness for generations to come.

If you would like more information on how Exergaming products can transform your fitness center contact Exergame Fitness.  To see more pictures of how their kids area look checkout our photo gallery.



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