Exergaming, which refers to video games that require physical activity, can be an excellent addition to sensory rooms for a variety of reasons. Here are a few ways that exergaming can be beneficial in sensory rooms:

  • It can provide sensory input: Sensory rooms are designed to provide a variety of sensory experiences, such as lights, sounds, textures, and movement. Exergaming can add another dimension to this sensory experience by providing visual and auditory feedback that can help users stay engaged and focused.

  • It can promote physical activity: Exergaming requires users to move their bodies, which can be an excellent way to promote physical activity. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty with traditional forms of exercise or who require extra motivation to stay active.
  • It can be engaging: Video games are inherently engaging, and exergaming is no exception. The interactive nature of exergaming can help users stay focused and motivated, which can be particularly helpful for individuals who struggle with attention or motivation.
  • It can be customized: Many exergaming systems offer a variety of games and activities that can be customized to meet the needs of individual users. This can be helpful for individuals with sensory processing difficulties who may require specific types of sensory input or who may be sensitive to certain types of stimuli.

Overall, exergaming can be an excellent addition to sensory rooms, as it can provide a unique and engaging sensory experience while promoting physical activity and customization to meet individual needs.

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