SMARTfit Strike Pods emit random light pulses that must be struck to play. The pods are cubes that can be mounted on the wall or strewn across the floor. They are spread out in random patterns as per the different games and challenges. There are two available alternatives–the SMARTfit Single and the SMARTfit Mini. Both can be used in schools to add rhythm to monotonous exercises.

Fun and effective

SMARTfit Strike’s portable pods can be easily set up in numerous combinations for different workout environments. They can be set up in the basketball court, gymnasium, or common hall. The SMARTfit Strike Pods are excellent for improving body balance, hand-eye coordination, neuromuscular development, and stamina. They trigger skills for seeking, pattern recognition, metronome, Go/No-Go, memory, spelling, equations, and more.

Easy set-up for large groups

The SMARTfit CPU supports up to 15 strike pods, so you can have fun competitions to engross youngsters with challenges. This exergame equipment is designed in such a way that trainers can intuitively create engaging games and exercise sessions for youngsters. There are 15 folders of gamified categories with varying difficulties and challenges. They make the SMARTfit Strike suitable for the youth of all age groups. Watch Video!

All-access with smart support

Individual athletes’ progress can be viewed and shared as the equipment has complete Android and iOS support. If you are using the SMARTfit Strike for the rehabilitation of an injured sportsperson, you can track the efficacy of the exercises. You can also keep track of how well they are recovering and what workouts they can continue to do safely. As the SMARTfit Strike Pods are portable and easy to install, they can be set up and uninstalled anywhere quickly. You must only ensure that there is an electric socket and room for movement.

Students can be left to play with remote supervision, as the various challenges will completely engross them physically and mentally. It will improve their focus and concentration and motivate them to lead an active lifestyle.

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