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Success Stories: Exerfit Family Fitness

Exerfit Family Fitness, located in Baton Rouge, La. offers fun and dynamic exercise programs designed for each family member. Their focus is to provide a well-rounded motivating experience that encourages, challenges and ultimately develops the physical, social and developmental person.  Last spring, they knew that in order to excite and move kids they needed to find new and unique interactive products that kids can relate to in this digital world.

Enter Exergame Fitness. By working with us, we helped create the ultimate kids fitness experience by inspiring physical activity through our most cutting-edge fitness and game technology.  Our TWall and Motion Touch Magic are just some of our quick and easy to use products that kids have fallen in love with at Exerfit.

We are privileged to have our Exergame Room designed by Motion Fitness that not only sets us apart from any facility in the region, but is just a really AWESOME area for youth and adults to be active!  We pride ourselves on being innovative and helping kids and adolescents get ‘into fitness’ and each apparatus in the room allows for tremendous activity through technology and competition.  Not only does everyone love to play each game, but there is so much pride involved when being able to record a personal best score or achieve a facility high score.  We have loved how the first month has just been a hit with all who have used the room and we cannot wait to share the experience with more in the future!

– Jayme Cramer, CFO, COO Crawfish Aquatics

Exerfit had an action-packed summer with their fun kids camps and birthday parties. In addition to playing sports, the kids got in second workouts in the exergame room. Even parents were excited that all the kids were running around, laughing, and playing the exergames.  “Our staff which consists of college age kids love the games and for them, the best part is watching the kids enjoy themselves,” says Cramer.

Seems like everyone is having fun with exergames.

The Exergames games room at Exerfit has been a wonderful addition to our facility. It is a hit with our Parties as well as the kids attending Extreme Summer Camp. It is engaging enough for young kids to play on for hours and challenging enough for even the most advanced athletes. Exergames is a great combination of work and fun. Kids have the opportunity to develop hand eye coordination, balance, and agility while playing. The equipment is easy to use and the variety of games makes playing for hours easy!

– Jennie Hebert, Marketing and Facility Director Exerfit Family Fitness

To view more photos of kids in exergame action, click here.

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