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Boys & Girls Club of Muskegon Functional Exergaming
Boys & Girls Club of Muskegon Functional Exergaming

Boys & Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore (BGCML) was founded in 2014 by a group of community members dedicated to addressing the need for high-quality out-of-school time programming in Muskegon County. From those original 30 members in 2015, membership has soared to over 1400 youth. BGCML is now serving 460 kids a day in the summer, and an average…

CardioWall And Its Benefits FoCaCardioWallrdioWallr Training Athletes

  CardioWall challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, reach, and think as they must follow and hit the different patterns of lighted pads. Train lateral quickness, agility, speed, and reaction. CardioWall is ideal for circuit training where the built-in timer keeps everything on track and the intensity high.  You can use any form of soft weights, boxing gloves, etc. 4…

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