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The NeuroActive BrainBike is helping both the mind and the body stay fit and sharp.

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL — Fitness facilities are entering the next lap of their evolution with the NeuroActive BrainBike, a new breed of exerciser that simultaneously trains the body and the brain, Stephane Bergeron, MD, president of Brain Center America (BCA), announced today. The patent-pending bike, engineered by Dr. Bergeron and BCA’s international team of brain specialists, makes its U.S. distribution debut this month with Exergame Fitness USA.

The physician-owned BCA, which pioneers brain-fitness programs designed to improve memory, concentration, multitasking and a complete range of mental abilities, developed the NeuroActive BrainBike to enable users to combine cardio workouts with brain workouts on what is, literally, a “brain gym.” It comprises a technologically advanced recumbent stationary bike coupled with a specially adapted interactive brain-training program displayed on an all-in-one PC screen. The NeuroActive BrainBike comes fully equipped with Gamercize’s patented response technology, which forces the user to pedal in order to activate the mouse. This is key when stimulating the brain with exercise and preparing it to learn.

Users of the NeuroActive BrainBike may select from 22 brain-stimulating exercises that train different parts of the brain, including memory of names and faces, 3D visuo-spatial skills, concentration, word naming, arithmetic. As they pedal, they manipulate a wireless mouse to interact with the computer and complete the NeuroActive Program, the only brain-fitness program that uses an advanced artificial intelligence and a series of word problems and visual exercises to train the entire brain and sharpen 16 cognitive functions – more than any other brain program on the market. Unlike simple brain games, NeuroActive is developed by doctors and based on scientific research that proves that brain-training exercises increase cognitive function by 20%, improve processing speed and memory, and sharpen the brain so that it performs as well as it did at its peak.

“As part of Exergame Fitness USA’s” commitment to offer their customers the best fitness training and experiences, we are proud to partner with Brain Center America and to be one of the first distributors to introduce the United States to the latest technology in stationary bikes and the latest concept for total mind-body fitness,” Mr. Kasanders said. “We’re confident our customers will find the NeuroActive BrainBike helps make workouts even more fun and productive. Some of the major benefits of the NeuroActive BrainBike include dramatic increases in academics, fitness scores, and behavior, while keeping the user fit all at the same time.”

Added BCA’s Dr. Bergeron: “Based on the popularity of the NeuroActive BrainBike at fitness facilities and schools in Canada, and more recently in Paris, France, we expect it will be in great demand in the Exergame industry. We created the NeuroActive Program and the NeuroActive BrainBike to help people of all ages boost their brainpower, keep their brains youthful and energetic and prevent cognitive decline. NeuroActive BrainBike, while making workouts more fun, is the ideal way to pump the brain: It provides greater brain stimulation than any other program because of the increased flow of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood delivered to the brain during the cardio training.”

To keep both the mind and the body in top shape, Dr. Bergeron recommends three to four 20-minute sessions per week on this unique fitness equipment, which he says is more entertaining and rewarding than the typical alternative for those using cardio equipment, watching TV or reading magazines.

Phil Lawler (Director, PE4life Instruction and Outreach) adds: “The NeuroActive BrainBike is truly the latest cutting edge tool in the Exergaming world. It is the biggest break through yet combining brain research and exercise. The NeuroActive BrainBike will be the tool to introduce the fitness industry to the benefits of exercise on the brain. Another positive about the NeuroActive BrainBike, it is versatile and can be used by all age groups in multiple settings (health clubs, schools, retirement homes and more”

NeuroActive BrainBike Launched in partnership with Exergame Fitness USA
The PC- and Mac-based NeuroActive Program software, frequently used by consumers on their computers at their homes, offices and other locations, are sold at BCA’s Web site, on, and other on- and off-line retailers. Most BCA programs are currently available in English, Spanish and French.

About Exergame Fitness USA
Exergame Fitness is the global leader in Exergaming products & services including 5 international divisions located in Canada, Russia, Dubai, Netherlands and South Korea. Primary targeted clients include: YMCA’s, Schools, JCC’s. Park Districts, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Kid Zones, Family Entertainment Centers, Government/VA and more. Exergame Fitness has the largest advisory board in the market designed to test and approve all products. Exergame Fitness provides Facility Planning & Installation, Grant & Funding Assistance, Program Design & Product Training, Turnkey Marketing Support, Free Layout Designs & Concepts, Detailed Programming Curriculums, Finance & Lease Options and more. Exergame Fitness offers the lowest prices on any of the products they carry backed by a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee. For more information, visit or call 1 (877) 668-4664.

About Brain Center America
Brain Center America (BCA), with headquarters in Florida, is the U.S. division of Brain Center International, the Canadian neuroscience company that developed and launched the NeuroActive Program in Canada in 2007. Its innovative computer software programs are designed to improve memory, concentration, energy, and total mind-body health with brain-training exercises. Created by physicians and brain specialists, the software is the only one of its kind that targets 16 vital functions throughout the entire brain and deploys advanced artificial intelligence to customize training to the user’s skills and generate maximum gains in minimal time. For more information, visit or call 1 (888) 780-2724.

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