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The RiverPlex Launches Exergaming Room for Kids Designed by Exergame Fitness USA

Peoria, Illinois
An all-new state of the art Exergame Fitness facility has now opened at the RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center in Peoria, Illinois complete with the world’s top tested and medically proven exergaming products. Kids, teens and adults from the Peoria area now have an exciting new exergaming room that delivers programs that combine fitness and gaming to achieve much needed results in their community.


RiverPlex General Manager, Matt Freeman said:“Our objective with the XR-Game Zone is to get kids up and moving in a fun, safe and positive environment. The exergaming products we have also give us the ability to offer our Senior Members a new exercise option that not only challenges their cardiovascular fitness, strength and balance, but eye/hand coordination and brain function. Our Senior Members appreciate the socialization the XR-Game Zone offers as well. We have implemented a clinical research study which is focused on weight loss for kids ages 8-17 years old.

Each child has been referred to the program by a physician. Parental participation in the program is mandatory in order to achieve a long term change in eating habits, behavior and physical activity. The program is run by Dr. Amy Christison who represents the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center’s Weight Loss Management Team will also run a family lifestyle change program using The LEARN Program for Weight Management. While families are enrolled in the program, the XR-Game Zone will be the home for the program where families can be active and have fun together. OSF will provide services from a licensed dietician, exercise specialist and social worker as part of the LEARN Program.

The Peoria Park District’s C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Youth Outreach Program will use the XR-Game Zone as an incentive tool to help them in their mission to help youth make positive decisions in life. We are confident that we will see some positive results in regards to behavioral change for some of our youth. The XR-Game Zone is a fantastic reward for us to offer students who show positive behavior and maintain good grades. The XR-Game Zone is an incredible resource for us to have access to says Supervisor of Youth Outreach and Founder of C.H.O.I.C.E.S., Carl Cannon.

The XR-Game Zone is an incredibly innovative addition to what we offer our members. Our target groups are pre-teen and teenage kids, but the studio offers enjoyment for everyone. We have schools, church groups and other organizations calling us daily to rent the XR-Game Zone. This has taken our lock-in and birthday party packages to a new level as well.

We are discovering new benefits of adding the XR-Game Zone everyday. Our personal training staff loves using the studio as a variation to how they train their clients. I cannot say enough how excited we are about the reaction by our Senior Members. The XR-Game Zone provides an incredible opportunity for socialization and competition that our Seniors enjoy very much.

The team at Exergame Fitness has been an incredible partner since we purchased our exergaming equipment. With their knowledge, generosity and motivation to help kids we are able to offer our members and community more than we ever imagined. Tommy, Ed, Curt and Dave have all worked with us directly after the purchase was made. They don’t just say they stand behind their products, they really deliver. Whenever we have questions about the products, programming or new games options they are a phone call or email away. The response we get is always immediate no matter the time of day or day of the week.

The team at Exergame Fitness has given us an incredible amount of publicity on their website and created new connections for us through their networks. They will be conducting exergame workshops in our studio which will create more networking opportunities for us as well as a great deal of internet coverage. The team at Exergame Fitness has been great and we are truly excited about our new partnership with them.”

The RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center is a joint project between the Peoria Park District and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. It is an 118,000 square foot facility complete with a state of the art exergaming center, fitness center, indoor aquatic park, multipurpose arena, pro shop serving freezes and smoothies, activity room, classrooms and more.

Tommy Seilheimer VP of Exergame Fitness adds, “Our joint partnership with RiverPlex and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is something that is going to help park districts, YMCA’s, JCC’s & Schools around the United States obtain grants, educational material on the exergaming industry and a qualified hands on approach to these amazing products that are getting health based results

Installed Products:

The Skywall is one of the most exciting climbing walls to come around into the Exergaming market. Complete with a 10 program course the wall will challenge you from easy beginner to advance rock climber. The Skywall is the world’s only motorized climbing wall!
The wall is loaded with must needed safety features, which allow the climber to never be far off the ground or never allow them to climb too high. It sets the center of your body in the sweet spot of the wall as you climb and grip the realistic wall pegs.

The wall will also tilt back and forth giving you a “realistic simulation of climbing”. For beginners the wall can angle forward helping gravity assist so they can focus on getting used to the wall. For more experienced climbers the wall can tilt backwards making this wall transform into an interface they are used to in real life.

The all-new USA made Exerbike provides a fun and enjoyable cardiovascular workout by allowing the user to control their favorite racing game played through a PlayStation2®. The faster you pedal—the faster you move. Steer through the course and race against others. Designed from the ground up and built to USA commercial specifications the Exerbike bike is built to last.The Exerbike has a creative new walk-thru design. To play, simply walk up to it, sit down & ride. The adjustable seat & adjustable handlebars allow the user to maximize their workout in either the upright or racing position. The Exerbike is equipped with Hoggan Health’s Magnetic resistance technology

The MX10 Workout Master mimics existing DDR systems in design, but it manages to feature a number of internal games inside to keep your workout sessions fresh. Additionally, the machine not only recognizes fancy footwork, but built-in sensors can understand arm flailing as well, and you can even “jam out to your own music” while breaking a sweat. Most interesting, however, is the fact that it’s also an internet-enabled machine, meaning that exercise freaks across the land can compete against one another, giving even the least motivated individuals something to work for. Motivatrix Exergaming uses your entire body as a joystick to play videogames such as “Dynamic Assault,” “Dash,” “Dart & Swim” and “Calorie Killer.”

Here’s how it works. The machine’s pads have built-in sensors, which will read your footwork and also arm flailing while you’re busy playing interesting action-orientated games. It also records your performance and it displays the number of burned calories. Done. The machine features plenty of games, exercising and music you can choose from. You can even listen to your own music on the MX10

Dance, Dance Revolution:
DDR is a popular video dance craze that has been documented as a welcome solution to youth obesity. Users stomp, slide, spin, and dance on our platforms to various dance programs while burning calories, earn points or following a workout mode. Your DDR System is a perfect solution for group settings – with 8 or more participants. Exergame Fitness offers the largest selection of quality commercial-grade DDR Platforms.

Xavix Game Suite:
XaviX is a revolutionary way to interact with your TV set. Do your favorite sports, do exercise with Jackie Chan, stay fit and manage your lifestyle. Games include: Bowling, Boxing, Baseball, Tennis and more! The Xavix system is a proven product that is simple to use and gets amazing fitness based results for kids to seniors. Game play is considered to be very addictive and promotes increased activity levels across the board.

Cybex Trazer:
Now there’s an exciting, new alternative for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and capabilities that dramatically improves muscle and mental agility while adding exciting new dimensions of fun and function to exercise: Cybex Trazer. Snap on the Beacon and you will experience unconstrained free movement similar to real life activities.

Cybex Trazer is a compelling fitness experience that tracks, measures and motivates with real-time interaction, feedback and positive reinforcement—unlike anything you can achieve.

The Cybex Trazer utilizes proprietary technologies to create a unique and exciting fitness experience that moves, measures and motivates you unlike anything available from conventional equipment today.

• Cardiovascular and aerobic endurance
• Heightened Spatial Awareness
• Improved Flexibility
• Weight Management
• Better Reaction Time
• Increased Speed
• Improved Power
• Enhanced Balance
• Improved Agility

Makoto Sports Arena:
The Makoto is a triangle, 8 feet from base to apex, with indestructible 6-ft. steel posts rising from each corner. Using your hands, feet, and/or staff, you respond to audio and visual prompts from each post. Your reaction time and accuracy (actually hitting the lighted area) are measured electronically, so you can compete with yourself or others. The speed of the prompts is easily adjusted for varying abilities.

Engaging, exciting, interactive, revolutionary – these are just a few of the words the media, experts, corporations and enthusiasts are using to describe a hot, new contender in the fitness and amusement industry.

Makoto is a challenging, comprehensive, and rewarding fitness and entertainment experience unlike any other. Makoto was developed to meet the need for a fun, hi-tech, and unique answer for today’s demanding applications.”

You stand in the triangular arena, facing one of the three towers. The other two towers are at either side in your peripheral vision. You are in a competition of three against one! Each tower has ten targets, any one of these thirty targets could be the one to randomly activate.

You never know which one of the computerized opponents will draw your action!
The roar of a jet announces the start of your session. An explosion of lights and vibrant tones draws your attention to the active tower. As you turn toward its direction your eyes search for the location of the light on the tower. You quickly stretch to strike the target.

A second tone confirms that you scored a point. Another explosion of light and sound causes you to lunge across the arena bending to strike the lower target. As quickly as you strike one target another one activates. You are relentlessly drawn in to focusing continuously on finding and striking the targets to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Your total body moves, lunging, stretching, bending, twisting, burning calories rapidly. Until… you strike the final target and check your score.

About The RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center:

The RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center is a joint project between the Peoria Park District and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. It is an 118,000 square foot facility complete with a state of the art exergaming center, fitness center, indoor aquatic park, multipurpose arena, pro shop serving freezes and smoothies, activity room, classrooms and more.

About Exergame Fitness:

Exergame Fitness – a Motion Fitness Company, is the world’s largest distributor & supplier of Exergaming, Exerlearning, Kids Fitness Products & Programming to YMCA’s, Schools, JCC’s. Park Districts, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Kid Zones, Family Entertainment Centers, Casinos, Government/VA and more.

Exergame Fitness provides Facility Planning & Installation, Grant & Funding Assistance, Program Design & Product Training, Turnkey Marketing Support, Free Layout Designs & Concepts, Detailed Programming Curriculums, Finance & Lease Options and more. Exergame Fitness offers the lowest prices on any of the products they carry backed by a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee.Distribution Opportunities:If interested in selling or representing the Exergame Fitness products or services please visit our website at or call 877.668.4664 for more information.


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