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The Works Family Health and Fitness Center gets a tWALL

Back in December before the holidays demanded everyone’s attention, we traveled to The Works Family Health and Fitness Center in New Hampshire and installed the gift of tWALL.  It has been a month now and we have finally had the opportunity to speak with The Works and find out how things are going since we have been there.    

Maria Jennings the Supervised Youth & Adult Sports Manager at The Works wanted to bring some new excitement into fitness. Not quite knowing where to start she began searching for fitness equipment that would bring the ‘WOW’ factor to children, and adults alike.   With that in mind she began her search and came across the tWALL.  In short the tWALL is an interactive touch wall that gets users moving by providing multiple intensity level workouts for all ages.
I reached out to Maria last week through email and asked her 5 questions to help me create a story around their tWALL purchase.  The response I received from Maria was so detailed and full of enthusiasm that I asked her if she would be ok with me taking her responses word for word and posting it to our blog for anyone who may be interested to read, and she agreed.

Q1)  I was wondering what lead The Works Family Health and Fitness Center into the direction of purchasing a tWALL?

“I am in charge of the childrens supervised programs here and I was looking for a new product that had a huge “WOW” factor!! I looked at many different products but decided the tWALL was right for us.  It was installed on the wall so this helped with our space issue, it is interactive and allows for kids or adults to work together.  It offered a large variety of play options and it simply looks awesome!!”

Q2)Was the tWALL everything you expected it to be after you have had the chance to break it in a little bit?

“The tWALL is even better than we thought it would be.   We have actually had to turn kids away because the room is filled to capacity.   The kids love using it and are exhausted afterwards.   We are looking forward to programming it ourselves.  We plan to use it with our kids for basketball and soccer!”

Q3) Have you been doing workouts yourself with the wall?

“I used the wall myself yesterday.  i would say I worked out for about 20 minutes and not only was it fun but it was a great workout!  Today my arms and shoulders are sore which is great!! it was a great change of pace from the regular strength training and cardio workouts!!! I will be in there again today!”

Q4) What is the main purpose of the tWALL and how is it being received by everyone who is using it?

“The main purpose of the wall is to have a fun way for kids to work out and get healthy.  We find that kids between the ages of 10-14 do not want to exercise.   This product is so fun they don’t realize they are working out!  Everyone that uses it loves it.   We shot a video yesterday of two kids using it to put on our website, once the wall flashed off the two kids turned around with the biggest smiles on their faces and they looked exhausted!! It was AWESOME!!  The tWALL is also being used by our adult members and our ‘Young at Heart’ members. It is great for all ages.”

Q5) If there is anything you could improve what would it be?

“As of now we would not change a thing.”

We hope that this has been an informative testimonial to the tWALL for all of those that are interested in a new and exciting way to engage children in healthy exercise.  

For more information on the tWALL please click here and also check out a video on YouTube.

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