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The UFC has a few big health club/gym facilities in California that are very popular. As the UFC being a newcomer into the sports world, the organization recognizes new IMG_2622 innovative ideas and products, Exergaming being one of them. They have taken an interest in our T-Wall line, and have purchased several T-Wall 64s and T-Wall 32 for their facilities in Sunnyvale, Rosemead, and Corona, California.

The UFC gyms serve a multitude of fitness and activity levels, but obviously leaning more towards the more serious and professional sports and fitness world. Fighters will come and train their MMA skills here and people use it as a regular gym as well. But with any gym you need to have options for everybody, all ages and activity levels. That is why the T-Wall line is a perfect addition to the UFC gym’s equipment roster.

Whether it be dropping your kids off in a ‘play room’ while you go workout, teens coming to use the T-Wall as a multiplayer workout program, or adults using it for intense functional fitness training, the T-Wall meets every niche need and market.

The UFC gyms owning T-Walls also presents a unique opportunity to see how intense of a training session you can have with these machines. UFC fighters are undoubtedly some IMG_0206of the toughest athletes in the world, they get paid to essentially get punched in the face and do the same to other fights, so their training is without a doubt as well just as intense. As we can see from T-Wall demonstrations like this one from a karate expert, it is possible to have high intensity workout session. With the proper gloves and program the T-Wall line can help a fighters agility, reaction, hand-eye coordination, timing, and tons of other skill developments. Even more so when you include our Workout of the Week and functional fitness training program sheets, giving you even more value and use out of your machines.

Overall the T-Wall line is a perfect addition to the UFC Gym lineup or to any gym looking for a new experience in Exergaming, causal or intense workouts. This is another example of how we would like to branch out into other markets. Baseball teams, basketball teams, and even UFC fighters – professional athletes can maximize their training with interactive fitness equipment and Exergaming. In the future we hope that youth, high school, college level, and even professional level athletes and sports teams can use our equipment to change how they approach training and improve their skills and abilities. Please follow us on social media and get updates on Exergaming products and locations – on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram.

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