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Video games dance into class – Exergames DDR

By Daniel Pepper
Staff Writer

Video games aren’t just for good kids to do when their schoolwork is done anymore.

For some Otsego students, video games are the schoolwork, as PE teachers have incorporated the game “Dance Dance Revolution” into their gym class. The Otsego school board received a demonstration at their April regular meeting.

Teacher Kyle Uramkin gave a report on “Exergaming” at Alamo elementary during the building report.

“It’s the fusion of exercise and gaming,” Uramkin said.

The concept uses the idea of gaming to attract kids to getting exercise which, Uramkin said, kids sometimes find boring.

Exergaming changes that and games are the hook of something that’s fun and exciting, but they’re getting exercise while they’re doing it,” he said.

Dance Dance Revolution” is video game that features a pad on the floor that players step on, controlling the motions of their dancing character on the screen.

The use of the videogame is part of the PE for Life concept, which Otsego has been adopting from the public schools in Naperville, Ill.

Uramkin said that studies have been done showing that kids who play the game have better than average physical fitness.

The school has a few of the dance pads that control the game, so the concept is currently for one or a few kids to control the game and everyone else in the class to mimic their movements.

Kids at the school are also using pedometers paid for by a donation as part of PE for Life and have formed an Alamo walking club.

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