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Washington University In St. Louis to Do Study on the Makoto Sports Arena

With the continued growth and knowledge in the benefits of Exergaming, Washington University in St. Louis will be doing a study on the impact the Makoto has and how it can be used in a fitness setting.

The Makoto Arena II is the premier Exergaming system on the market today. Why? It is the only interactive game that is three-dimensional in which the player is totally immersed in lights and sounds.  This multiplanar, multidirectional interactive fitness game delivers documented brain and body fitness while providing the participant unbridled fun and excitement! The concept of the Makoto Arena II is so simple, even toddlers can play! Listen for the tone (to identify which tower), move to the tower, identify the light, and tap it as quickly as possible. The player is scored on accuracy as well as reaction time.

Sounds easy, right? Yet Makoto challenges top professional athletes and US military Special Forces! With its variable speeds and customizable light pattern configurations, we can create the ultimate Exergaming experience for any level of single participant or teams. Makoto is enjoyed by everyone!

The results and description of the study will be published in a Medical Journal by Washington U.  Pete Trapani of 360 Fitness for Life & Health will be there advise and consult with the Washington U and the local school staff on what movements and exercises that can be used, and see what data results they can get.  Pete will oversee and make sure the kids heart rates are moving and the data they get out of the study is in line with the standards Makoto USA set forth in the agreement with Washington U.

“We will be working with kids with sensory integration problems K-8. I will be assisting Washington U staff and teachers at the school. With input from Makoto USA about what they have seen has worked with different durations, frequency of therapy to fine tune and look to see what protocols work best.” said Pete Trapani.

Pretesting will take place before students step into the arena and an initial Makoto testing to use as a starting benchmark to see how the children progress.  Washington U will be using around 10 Bench marks like: executive function, gross & fine motor skill measures, etc. They will take these measurements for each student involved with the study. The first part of the study will take around 3 months. Each of the 10 benchmarks will be used to see if there has been improvement over the 3 month trial period. These results will then be published in a Medical Journal with the raw data and the results written for all to see.

Exergame Fitness would like to congratulate Makoto and Pete Trapani on everything they are doing to help kids stay fit and have fun.  If you would like to know more about Makoto and other various Exergaming Products please check out

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