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It’s my annual Year in Review of Sierra Vista Jr. High’s Physical Education program.  It has been a year to remember.  So many exciting new partnerships and programs that we have added to continue in making our Physical Education program “PE Heaven”!


We fully implemented the Cardio GX System by Polar in our Fitness Center and in our Gym when we do our HOPSports exercise program. The Cardio GX system is a live Heart Rate system that allows us, the teacher and student to see feedback in real time.  We have maximized the GX System capabilities in making the GX system mobile.  We are able to use it in the Fitness Center, in the Gym for HOPSports and outside when we do any type of Cardiovascular activities.  Very cool assessment that has continued to drive our program for true Objective Assessment for Cardiovascular activities.

We fully implemented Formative Skill Assessment for each one of our units.  This process has been an ongoing process for the last couple of years as we tied in the Standards based portion of our State and National requirements.   I really believe we have come up with a fair and evaluative assessment for each one of our units that more than meets our Standards.

The Century Council came back this year to finish their Study on the Ask-Listen-Learn program.  We have fully implemented this program that brings awareness for Drugs and Alcohol.  With our 8 Xavix stations, students are being exposed and are aware of making good decisions.  Our parents and local community have been very pleased that we have brought awareness to our students.

In the early months of October thru November, one of our local University (Cal State Northridge) began an official Study of our Physical Education program.  The results of the study will be published soon.  We have already received the results and we are excited to present the study at the National Conference in Boston in 2012.

January- May

The company, HOPSports, made a major announcement at CES in Las Vegas.  In October, the City of Santa Clarita and HOPSports will hosting a Global Summit.  On one of those days, the Global Summit will be held at our school showcasing our Physical Education program. The event will be streamed live on the Internet.  More details coming soon.

I spoke at our State PE conference in Monterey and it was very well attended.  From what I was able to see, there was about 100 attendees all curious to hear and see how we developed Sierra Vista’s comprehensive Physical Education program.  While at the State conference, I put my name for a position of the Board of Directors for CAHPERD.  Guess what?  I won!!  I am the Vice-President Elect of Recreation.  It is a 3 year commitment and I will do my very best in representing Sierra Vista.

The National Conference in San Diego was a huge success.  I attended many meetings and was able to network and meet old and new acquaintances.  I am looking forward to Boston 2012.

Our annual PE Showcase Day was the best ever!!  Thanks to Motion Fitness, we showcased the latest Exergaming products to our students/local PE teachers and PEP Grant winners.  We had a very special guest in Dan Lawler attending and helping with this memorable day.  A big Thank You goes to Parker Johnson of Motion Fitness for making this best Showcase Day we have ever put on.

Our annual Fitness Expo was a huge success.  Special Thanks to Cheryl Broughton (Fitness Bootcamp) and Mad Dogg Athletics(Tony Berlant) for the BodyBlade sessions for our students.

In March, I had the privilege of speaking to Congress about our PE program and lobbying for continued PEP Grant funds.  This was quite a memorable experience for me!! This received a lot of publicity in our community!!!

PE Demonstrations

As you may know, Sierra Vista’s PE program has earned and received many accolades throughout the years.  I really do believe that we are continuing to go beyond what anyone would of ever imagined.  This past year, we had numerous of PE Demonstrations for PEP Grant winners from Ohio, Texas and Kansas that visited our school.  We of course had many local schools throughout California that visited our site.  But no one would of ever imagined on us hosting International visits.  This year alone, we hosted 4 International PE Demonstrations.We had delegates from China, North Korea, South Korea and Canada that came and learned what our PE program is all about.  The President’s Council on Physical Fitness would be very proud of us!!


Once again, I am very proud to give you a quick glimpse of what this year was all about.  I could not possibly go over everything that did occur in less than 2 pages.  I gave you the major highlights.  We are working very hard in continuing our Best Practices, our Family Fitness Nights, our Fitness Scores and API scores.  Our continued success in the Brain Research of integrating movement in our Academic core content curriculum is getting quiet a buzz.  Last but not least, you and I know that I am not able to do this alone.  I maybe the poster child of our PE program, but it does truly involve a team effort.  Special thanks to my colleagues in our PE staff and to our Administrators.  Especially my Principal, Mark Crawford, he has been so supportive of what we do.  Please email (  my Principal and let him know what you think of our PE program and how you are associated with us.  He would appreciate it.  We are looking forward to projects that I am working on and implementing for next year.  I do hope that you will continue to support me and our PE program.  Continue to spread the word about Sierra Vista Jr. High, I already have PE Demonstrations set up for next year.


GEORGE VELARDE – Physical Education Department Chair

George is the Physical Education Department Chair at Sierra Vista Jr. High School in Canyon Country, California. He has been teaching for a total of 15 years.  George is a member of both CAHPERD and NASPE and was named 2006-2007 Teacher of the Year at his school in addition to receiving the “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers Award” five times! In 2007, George and Sierra Vista Jr. High School was awarded the prestigious Carol M. White PEP Grant.   In 2009, George was awarded the California Physical Education Teacher of the Year by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports by Governor Schwarzenegger and former President Bill Clinton at the Health and Obesity Summit. That same year, he was also named Physical Education Teacher of the Year by the California Coach’s Association. In 2009, the school was awarded the Golden Bell Award by the California School Board Association for the “No Child Left on their Behind” Physical Education Program. Sierra Vista was also named the Physical Education Middle School of the Year by the California Coach’s Association in 2009. George is a State and National speaker for his PE program’s No Child Left On Their Behinds initiative.  Sierra Vista Jr. High’s PE program is recognized by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness/Sports as an official National Demonstration Center for the United States.

New PE at Sierra Vista Jr. High School

PE program is researched based and has demonstrated improved fitness test scores (tops in the State of CA.), increased Academic Scores (API), decreased discipline referrals and community partnerships

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