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What is Active Gaming (Exergaming)?

Active Gaming is simple to describe, It is a new form of exercise obtained by playing videogames that require movement and interaction on all different levels. Videogames that use physical activity to participate.

Tommy Seilheimer VP of Exergame Fitness adds:

“Simply put, kids, adults and seniors love to play videogames! Why change something that is so popular and engaging? Instead of changing it we are making participants active while playing some of these exciting and engaging Exergaming products. We bring an the active element to this form of gaming and entertainment that is working around the world. What is really fun about what we do is that we work with the world’s top Exergaming manufactures and use their products to create a complete “active gaming room” that captures and houses all the exciting things that videogames has to offer.

Look, feel, touch and sound are just a part of what we create inside Schools, YMCA’s, Kid Zones, Park Districts, Hospitals, and other locations alike. When a participant walks into one of our rooms they forget that they are in a “workout room” due to the “customized & exciting atmosphere” that promotes physical activity. We have done hundreds of locations and have seen first hand what Active Gaming can bring to a facility. We are talking life changing attitudes, healthier lifestyles and rewarding competitive play that promotes even more energy exertion from the user.

I come from the entertainment industry and I am an avid videogame player to date. I have had every video console made since Pong TV and have performed all over the world for many years. I know what kids like because number one I have 2 of them (13 & 14) myself and secondly never underestimate what they are looking for. Kids will tell you what’s cool if you simply ask them for input. many of our custom room & decor designs were designed by kids and we think it is vital to enlisted the help of kids in your active gaming room.

Please feel free to call me directly for more information on Active Gaming Rooms and our amazing line of Exergaming products. My direct line is 877-668-4664 x1103 or you can reach me by email at

Please also view our Active Gaming Testing and Research Facility located in Peoria, Illinois. We hold FREE Monthly Workshops at this facility to anyone who wants to touch and feel the products along with getting educated on what we can offer your facility. Remember, we work with any size space or budget. Also ask us about our grant assistance!”

Active Gaming is healthy a recent study shows:

Active Gaming is usually given a kicking by health experts, but one recent study has actually deemed that “active gaming” could form part of “recommended physical activity”. Coming after the industry got in a huff over a government campaign that linked gaming to an early death, the Nottingham Trent University study indicated that active gaming could provide a safe and private environment in which to exercise, particularly for children and the obese with. Fifteen children were monitored while playing “traditional” games (deemed as “those requiring no real physical movement”), and with “interactive multimedia videogames” like Wii Sports or titles that use Sony’s motion-sensing EyeToy camera.

The resulting data highlighted that, during active game play, energy expenditure can be increased by approximately 42% above the levels measured during the more traditional game play sessions. Conclusions based on these studies suggested that if children engaged in active play for 60 minutes every day over a year, they would burn approximately 7.5lbs of body fat,” according to the report.

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