Lu is an interactive playground that turns any playground into a captivating, immersive video game using lights, music, and video. The Lu Interactive Playground transforms standard playgrounds into dynamic learning environments, inspiring students of all ages to move about and strengthen other academic abilities. With Lu, schools may increase participation and teamwork among students during physical education, ensuring that no student is left behind in class since only 20% of kids between the ages of 6 and 18 participate in 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

When provided appropriately, physical education lessons may tackle this issue and assist children in getting the prescribed hour of exercise, lowering obesity rates and encouraging well-being. With its engaging games, activities, lights, and music, the Lu Interactive playground gives physical education teachers the resources they need to get everyone moving. It is an intelligent environment that comprehends the actions and interactions of its inhabitants in real-time. You may control games and tools projected on the wall using data from 3D cameras positioned on the ceiling. You can also use real-time synchronized lighting and sound effects to improve immersion.

On top of the Lu transforming the area into a flexible learning center tailored to users’ needs using vibrant lights and music, it has 30 interactive games in various sizes, including math, spelling, geography, health, physical fitness, sports, riddles, and more. One of the most inclusive systems available is the Lu Interactive Playground since you can tailor it to match all activity and skill levels. Why is this crucial, and how might it be beneficial? Finding a tool that can physically improve children and adults of all different skill levels while also engaging, instructing, and motivating them is challenging. The solution is the Lu Interactive Playground.

What do we include in the Lu Interactive Playground?

There are three varieties of the Lu Interactive Playground, and each one uses a professional-grade WXGA projector, a 3D camera, a computer, lighting, speakers, and remote control to function.

Lu can project an interactive image on a wall up to 20 feet long and 11 feet high with the high-resolution projector. You can detect multiple items by the 3D camera at once, extensively utilized by Lu applications. The Lu Interactive Playground also includes lighting and audio, which you can alter to produce various effects while a session is in progress. For instance, the lighting in the playground may change color or flash to signal success if a student strikes the intended goal.

The Lu Interactive Playground has speakers, making it the perfect choice for schools that want to update their audio. However, you can use Lu with current speakers if desired.

What advantages does the Lu Interactive Playground offer?

While the Lu Interactive Playground helps schools augment physical education lessons, its advantages extend beyond the playground.

Improved physical abilities and fitness

Depending on the skill level of the players, the amount of energy used in fitness gaming or active gaming is equivalent to that of moderate or strenuous exercise. Lu Interactive and other active games can dramatically increase kids’ agility, motor skills, cardiovascular endurance, and sensory-motor learning, just like any other exercise that positively impacts health. Balance is believed to be improved by up to 30% over time by playing active games that require players to jump and keep their balance.

Balance, quicker reflexes, endurance, coordination, and speed are physical abilities you can develop through fitness gaming or active gaming. These abilities also can increase children’s physical activity and inspire them to participate in sports and other traditional kinds of exercise because they are transferable to other activities. Later, this helps their physical, mental, and social growth even more.

Encourage kids to look forward to playground class:

Children spend a lot of time at their desks, which can be difficult for kids who want to get up and move about. Your school’s playground now has Lu installed, giving pupils something to look forward to before class and feel proud of after class. While it may be challenging to put a number on that mental boost, educators should always strive to prioritize their students’ well-being. One can accomplish all of this with the Lu Interactive Playground in a simple-to-install, simple-to-configure, and simple-to-use package, especially if you have an AV installer in charge of system deployment.

Weight loss:

Over the past few decades, childhood inactivity and obesity have reached pandemic levels in western nations. Obesity has a lot of detrimental impacts on children, the first of which is a decrease in their self-esteem and motivation. It also raises their risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Weight loss can be aided by fitness gaming and interactive exercise. Research has revealed that active video gaming has a small but noticeable impact on the body mass index in obese and overweight children. Playing duration tends to rise, even if the energy expenditure varies on the game’s difficulty level.

However, longer-term studies of specific Fitness Games are not yet available. Those that have been done so far demonstrate that children can lose weight and improve their body composition thanks to the moderate exercise needed to complete tasks, the decrease in sedentary behavior, and everything else that goes along with play.

Boost academic achievement in other areas:

New research demonstrates that pupils learn better during and following physical activity. Movement promotes the passage of oxygen and glucose to the brain which preps it for learning. Every instructor has encountered a pupil who is unable to concentrate in class. To assist those students in receiving the kinesthetic input they require for effective learning, we can use the Lu Interactive Playground.

Who can assist with setting up and installing the Lu Interactive Playground?

Exergame Fitness is pleased to provide Lu Interactive Playground to schools for use in their playgrounds to encourage kids’ growth via engaging, exciting games. To ensure that the children are absorbed in the game, each Lu Interactive Playground is equipped with a large wall projection, a 3D camera, and a light and audio system. Call us now!

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