Rock Climbing continues to grow in popularity because its fun, adventurous and challenges the body and mind.  The fitness benefits of rock climbing continue to add to the popularity of the sport providing a full body workout for all ages and strength levels.

Rock climbing offers a nonstop physical challenge while simultaneously engaging your mind. Inside a club is one of the best ways to acquire technique and safety skills for fitness climbing.

An adjustable angle climbing wall, like the Treadwall and Laddermill offers the benefits listed below in an indoor setting.  With as little as 9’ of ceiling height you can add a dynamic and engaging fitness cardio piece to your gym.  By adjusting the angle on the climbing wall it allows absolute beginners through the most advanced climbers to participate.  They can even be used while standing on the ground and pulling with the arms and upper body for special needs or an alternative workout.

Builds Strength

Rock climbing uses all the body’s major muscle groups. Regularly using climbing as a strength-training workout improves upper-body strength as well as promoting strength gains in core muscles and legs, which play key roles in successfully completing climbing movements. Rock climbing can help you meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendation published in the “2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans” to perform full-body muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week.

Increases Flexibility

Rock climbing encourages participants to increase their range of motion. Standard rock climbing movements such as long reaches, high steps and stemming require active flexibility for successful execution. According to the position stand published in the July 2011 issue of “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggests that healthy adults should include flexibility exercises in their workout routines at least twice weekly.

Burns Calories

As a high-intensity, full-body activity, rock climbing provides one of the most effective and efficient calorie-burning workouts available. According to the Calorie Control Council’s CaloriesCount Get Moving Calculator, a 150-pound person uses 250 calories in 20 minutes of rock climbing — nearly triple what the same person would burn by walking briskly for the same amount of time.

Improves Coordination

Rock climbing requires you to coordinate your mind with your muscles. Every rock-climbing move offers a novel problem-solving challenge, presenting the climber with a different set of potential handholds and footholds to use. The climber strives to master each puzzle quickly and efficiently to continue without falling. Rock climbing two to three times weekly fulfills the ACSM’s July 2011 recommendation to incorporate neuromotor exercises regularly into workouts for improved balance, coordination and agility.

TIP: Create a Kids Fitness Challenge.  At Exergame we are all about creating fun games, while teaching fundamental fitness movements.  Kids love to climb things, so  create a challenge for them to climb a monument in your area.  If the monument is tall, then do it as a group activity.

TIP: Circuit Training.  Add the LadderMill or Treadwall to Circuit Workouts & Interval Training.  They are great to use at a station for small group training.

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Credit:  Alli Rainey – AZ Central.

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