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YMCA General Assembly 2013 Will See the Future of Fitness

The 2013 YMCA General Assembly hosted in Philadelphia this year is just around the corner, July 18th-21st to be exact, and this year Exergame Fitness will be at booth #221 bringing a whole new line of youth focused fitness and wellness solutions to be shown on the exhibit floor!
The YMCAs have been a strong family foundation in America and have affected generations of families.  Did you know that the YMCA organization was founded in 1844 in London?  Now 169 years later the YMCA’s of America are getting together once again since their last organization wide trade show back in 2010, this time to learn how to engage families, adults, and youth with a new way of health and wellness.
Today the YMCAs are focusing on three very important criterias:  Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.    Our focus at Exergame Fitness is to demonstrate how technology, gamification, and data can be used to help the YMCAs and their members achieve those goals.
This year we are gamifying the actual trade show event as a whole by partnering with MOVABLE to host the Exergame YMCA MOVchallenge.  As YMCA members attend the General Assembly they will be wearing a activity tracker on their wrist, collecting data on the amount of moves and steps that individual makes. The goal is to get over 1.4 million combined moves among all participants! This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how activity can be turned into a game, where data is collected and used as points and learn how point collection can be used to reward effort!

On July 18th experience a new and improved fitness with our Youth X Exergaming room, which will be recreated on the trade show floor. See how technology has been integrated into fitness through gamification to motivate, engage, and activate active lifestyles in our youth.  Learn how data can be used to empower YMCAs to deliver more engaging wellness programs, and see first hand how fun fitness can be through gamification!   We invite you to stop by booth #221 on July 18th-19th to see all the exciting possibilities that Exergame Fitness is bringing to the YMCA’s.  

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