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You Need to Engage in Active Gaming

It’s the middle of winter and the only things you are excited about include whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow and the Super Bowl. And unless you are a Tom Brady fan or Falcons fan, you might not be terribly excited about this year’s Super Bowl.

You could fight the winter blues by going to your local gym, but in all honesty, you have grown quite bored with lifting weights and spending hours on a treadmill watching Golden Girls reruns. What you need is a little fun in your life. You need to engage in active gaming.

Some of you might not know what entails active gaming, or why it has become so popular. You see, active gaming incorporates technology into fitness. It’s a new way to engage people in interactive fitness through games. Here are a few examples.


The Twall (t-wall, touch wall) is an interactive training and sports device that trains and measures coordination, reactions and movement ability. There are different games for adults and children that call for a variety of reaction speeds and coordination.

The Twall is part of a long line of interactive fitness devices that are easy to use and holds a broad range of applications. In addition, the Twall is an attractive device that will immediately grab the attention of both adults and children.


Eyeplay is a virtual indoor playground that enables multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds that are projected onto walls and floors. One of the biggest reasons Eyeplay so fun and engaging is that it encourages a high-level of interactivity. Players can jump, run and even dance using their feet and hands to set in motion projected graphics and sounds.

Eyeplay is a highly-effective and captivating interactive game that easily holds anybody’s attention.


IDance is an entertaining and motivating workout game that combines dancing and exercise and represents a fantastic way to work out the whole body. Feedback on success is in real time and the rankings are displayed all along, which lends to the competitive nature of this dynamic interactive game.

The multiplayer mode of this game supports playing at different levels of difficulty all at the same time. This is important during group play as players can exercise together regardless their playing abilities.

An IDance fitness program will maintain your health, improve physical endurance, form muscles and improve cognitive abilities.

3 Kick

3 Kick is a fresh new alternative of fun all while getting a great full-body workout. 3 Kick is designed with resilient foam pads that can be kicked, punched, slapped and tapped with hands or feet. A light comes on in the pad and a sound is made, when that particular pad is hit or kicked, the light goes out and another random pad lights up.

A score is kept that is based on speed, so the faster you move, the more points you accumulate. This makes it easy to track your daily progress. This is indeed a fun way to get your exercise.

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