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Youth Fitness & Childhood Obesity have been two huge focuses of Exergame Fitness since the beginning. It has been awhile since we have touched on this so we put together a short infographic (below) that highlights some of the alarming statistics of childhood obesity in our nation. If you would like to view the full resolution version of the infographic, click here. Take a look at our last Exergaming Obesity Report here – “33 Mind Boggling Stats About Childhood Obesity“.

Listed below, are the facts and stats presented in the infographic and more. These statistics were collected from and credit goes to and the official CDC website.
  • Since 1980 childhood obesity (in the 2-19 age range) rates in the United States have tripled. The chart below gives a closer look at the trend, which is even more extreme when you look at older age ranges.
  • As of 2014, 8.9-9% of our youth in the 2-5-year-old group, suffer from obesity.
  • When you look at individual demographic groups, you have to take in different unique factors. But when you look at the numbers as a whole you really see the issue at hand. 17% – or 12.7 million youth in the United States suffer from obesity related issues. This may seem low but when you look at our adult population we can see the
    problem is not correcting itself. About 38% of American Adults are obese, that is more than double the youth obesity rates.
  • These issues are not without their consequences, obviously personal health concerns are an issue but our military has been affected. Approximately one in four adults – ages 17-24 – are too overweight to join the military.

Exergame Obesity Infographic 2016

Below are two charts that show some alarming trends recorded in 2015.

Exergame Fitness will stay dedicated to fighting these epidemics in our nation. For solutions take a look at our room solutions – especially the Youth X room, perfectly designed to engage the hard to reach 7-14 age group.

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