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2017 America’s Leadership Conference – Exergame & Hilton Fitness

The Exergame team is getting ready to head out to California to attend the 2017 America’s Leadership Conference in San Fransisco. We are presenting two excellent products to show off the concept of Exergaming, the T-Wall 64 and the MotionMagix Floor/Wall units. These two interactive fitness pieces are perfect for looking at the wide variety and range of Exergaming equipment that is available. Our T-Wall shows the ability for Exergame to provide highly durable & versatile equipment, with a multitude of programming, meant for a serious (and fun) workout. While our MotionMagix unit will provide a look into our interactive projection units and how they engage kids in a more playful way.hilton-r-hospitality

We are ecstatic to be attending this event and as always to get Exergaming out to those who have not experienced it yet. More so we are very proud to be a fitness and wellness partner with the Hilton brand. Wellness Centers have been a key component in the amenities and services that the Hilton Hotel has strived to provide, across all of their chains, brands, and companies. They have several hugely successful line of subsidiaries that they wish to expand these services within, that they are looking to use the help and assistance of Exergame Fitness & other similar fitness industry companies at this event.

Brands/chains such as Curio by Hilton and Tru by Hilton show the level of excellence they bring to these specific hotel brands. Again, we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to contribute to this project. They already incorporate new technology and modern innovations into these hotel brands, such as chain specific apps and smart rooms, Exergaming being the obvious fitness solution to follow suit.

If you haven’t seen what Exergaming can do, check out our short video below highlighting some of our most popular products. Still, don’t understand what “Exergaming” is? No problem, visit our “What Is Exergaming?” page for a detailed explanation and a simple infographic explaining the concept.

[uxi_video id=”oToQnsKgx3Q” size=”” type=”youtube” ratio=”4by3″ center=”true” relate=”false”]

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3/15/2017 UPDATE: Check out some photos of the T-Wall 64 in our booth at the Hilton ALC!

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