The Lu interactive system gives students a chance to have fun and learn simultaneously. Students as young as the fourth grade have used the software in classrooms, and it has been downloaded more than 250 million times globally. Children can play games to improve their math, reading comprehension, social studies, science, geography, and other skills.

An ever increasing consumption of high calorie low nutrition food and an increasingly sedentary population means that obesity rates are skyrocketing . Kids are no exception and it is becoming quite the problem to prevent child populations from becoming overweight. Kids typically find it boring to include exercise in their routines however Exergame gear has attractive features that motivate your kids to move more.

We encourage people to include exercise in their life and the lives of their loved ones rather than defining family time as simply watching TV or going to the movies. By playing Exergame indoors with your family, you’re promoting cooperation and working toward a shared objective. In addition to fostering closer links within the family, this also serves to instil the value of setting and achieving goals on an individual and team level.

What Lü Interactive Playground includes?

There are three varieties of the Lü Interactive Playground, and each one uses a professional-grade WXGA projector, a 3D camera, a computer, lighting, speakers, and remote control to function.

Lü can project an interactive image on a wall up to 20 feet long and 11 feet high with the high-resolution projector. A 3D camera detects multiple items simultaneously, which Lü applications can extensively utilize. The Lü Interactive Gym also includes lighting and audio, which you can alter to produce various effects while a session is in progress. For instance, the lighting in the gym may change color or flash to signal success if a student strikes the intended goal.

The Lü Interactive Playground has speakers, making it the perfect choice for schools that want to update their audio. However, you can use Lü with current speakers.

What advantages does the Lü Interactive Playground offer?

While the Lü Interactive Playground helps schools maximize physical education lessons, its advantages extend beyond the gym.

The Lu interactive system for children holds many advantages:

•       Make fitness more accessible to all

According to research from Texas schools, traditional physical education could be more effective in involving all pupils. Traditional physical education includes competitive exercises focusing only on athleticism and is frequently skill-based. As a result, many kids are left out of the picture, but the Lü Interactive Playground engages them again with cooperative, gamified teachings that call for various abilities. Everyone has the opportunity to excel.

•       Encourage more intense exercise

All of Lü’s applications have entertaining audiovisual effects. As a result, pupils work more without even recognizing it because they can concentrate on the task at hand rather than on how hard they are performing. They enjoy it while doing it.

•       Increase efficiency in other academic disciplines

Children who play video games passively and those who play sports profit from their hobbies because each activity positively impacts their cognitive abilities. According to research, playing video games helps kids develop various skills essential for academic success, including their ability to pay attention, problem-solve, recognize patterns, switch between tasks, test hypotheses, and estimate. On the other side, physical activity enhances children’s and teenagers’ cognitive abilities, including perceptual and verbal skills, developmental level, and intelligence quotient. Because it influences how their brains develop and has a longer-lasting effect than fitness activities do on adults and seniors, exercise is crucial for children and adolescents.

By creating new neural connections that promote memory, learning, and critical thinking, fitness gaming, and active gaming have been shown to improve academic achievement in students, just like other strenuous physical activities. Schools incorporating fitness gaming and dynamic gaming into their curriculum have seen an average grade improvement of 1.5, with reading and math results of 17% and 18% better than the state average, respectively. As a side note, schools that use fitness games to increase their kids’ morning activity levels observe a dramatic decline in delinquency.

The improved neurological and physiological mechanisms, increased neurotransmitter availability, and increased cerebral blood flow brought on by fitness gaming, active gaming, and other aerobic activity boost cognitive function. Children get more robust processing, concentration, and task-switching abilities when playing Lu interactive and other games of a similar sort. All of these elements can and frequently do lead to improved academic achievement.

•       Make kids eager for an exercise class

Children spend a lot of time at their desks, which can be difficult for kids who want to get up and move about. Students have something to look forward to before gym class and something to feel good about after class, thanks to Lü installed in your school’s gym. Although it may be difficult to measure this mental benefit, educators should strive to improve students’ well-being.

You can accomplish all of this with the Lü Interactive Playground in a simple-to-install, simple-to-configure, and simple-to-use package, especially if you have an AV installer in charge of system deployment.

•       Loss of weight

Fitness gaming and interactive exercise can aid weight loss. While the amount of energy expended varies depending on the game’s difficulty, research has shown that playing active video games has a slight but noticeable impact on children who are obese or overweight and that the amount of time spent playing active games tends to rise.

  • Aids in teaching kids how to operate a mouse or touch screen.
  • The material adjusts to the child’s age and ability level so they can always learn something new and have fun!
  • Children can engage in games that advance their knowledge of arithmetic, social studies, and reading.
  • Enables kids to learn from their mistakes and develop self-confidence.

What functions does the Lü Interactive Playground have?

Lü’s hardware offers interactivity and the programs motivate use. The ecosystem of the Lü Interactive gym is a component of the package, and it regularly releases new programs on top of the 30 or so that are already included with the Lü interactive. These programs combine intellectual and physical activities so students can review additional material while being physically exerted.

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