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By Dan Lawler, Ph.D.
Education Consultant
Exercise 4 Learning

The NeuroActive BrainBike™ is an exercise bike that trains the body and brain for fitness. The BrainBike™ was engineered by Dr. Stephane Bergeron, MD, president of Brain Center America (BCA), and a team of international brain specialists. It is designed to improve user’s memory, concentration, multitasking, and a complete range of mental abilities while providing a cardio workout – for both the body and mind.

The BrainBike™ is one of the newest and most exciting innovations in the fitness market.  While riding a stationary cardio-exercise bike, you use the interactive brain-training software displayed on the computer screen for your mental conditioning.  You can choose from 22 brain-stimulating exercises to train different parts of the brain:

Semantic Categorization

Selective Attention

Hand Eye Coordination

Visual Scanning

Behavioral Inhibition

Cognitive Control


Behavioral Flexibility

Working Memory


Episodic Memory

Temporal Order Memory

Visual-spatial Skills

Temporal Perception

Word Naming

Processing Speed

More and more evidence is pointing toward the fact that by challenging the brain through specific exercises one can improve areas of brain function that often diminish with age. The BrainBike™ can offer anyone over the age of 10 the ability to improve these basic functions and thus improve life.   Dr. John Jonides, from the University of Michigan, presented new findings at the Association for Psychological Science in Washington, DC, on May 28, 2011, showing that as few as 20 days of working memory training can improve more complex reasoning and problem-solving abilities, known collectively as fluid intelligence.

What clients are saying at one fitness center in Colorado after using the BrainBike™

During a recent demo of the BrainBike™ at the Chilson Recreation Center in Loveland, Colorado, we conducted a survey to get people’s feedback on their perceptions.   The responses to the survey were very positive:

100% of the respondents reported enjoying using the BrainBike™, with 85% rating the experience as great.

Over 90% rated the NeuroActive™ software on the BrainBike™ as great or good.

88% reported that it was very easy or easy to understand, use, and interact with the BrainBike™.

90% reported that they would definitely tell someone about the BrainBike™.

95% recommended that the facility purchase one.

80% of the respondents were female and in an age range of 20-60+.

Comments included:

I was able to ride longer and further without really paying attention to the ride.

Fun, I forgot I was working out.
I enjoyed the bike and brain activity.  It was fun to challenge your brain at the same time I was working out.
Exercises are great.  I would love to have one at home.
It was fun to engage my mind while exercising.  I would be more apt to exercise because I get to do something else at the same time.
This kept my workout interesting and time went by fast.
I hope our center gets a BrainBike™ because it was fun and challenging.  I worry about memory loss, and now I have something that helps me improve in that area.  How exciting!
I didn’t realize I pedaled so long – it kept me busy.  What a great workout!
“It has been a pleasure to demo the BrainBike the last few weeks!  We have had an very positive response to it from our guests.  They find it easy to use & many remark that they ‘forget they are working out!’ If funding becomes available, we will definitely consider adding a BrainBike to our floor;” says Ashlee Taylor, Facility Manager of Chilson Recreation Center.

The BrainBike™ is a unique piece of fitness equipment that can make exercising go quickly while enjoying the benefits of a brain and cardio workout.  The research is becoming clearer that challenging the brain can produce long-lasting positive effects on brain functions.  Any fitness center purchasing a BrainBike™ could expect to replicate the results of the survey above and would give their clients a cutting-edge technology option to improve their heart and brain at the same time.  If you are interested in hearing more about the BrainBike™, contact Exergame Fitness at 877-668-4664 or

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