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2 weeks ago we were at preparing for the opening of the 2016 YMCA General Assembly, and now we are taking some time to look back on the event. One of the biggest highlights was having the wonderful folks over at the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA purchase our T-Wall 64 trade show floor model! It doesn’t happen too often we sell a piece of equipment right there on the spot, so this was an exciting chance to start a relationship with the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA and deliver Exergaming to them.

We met some executives from the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA from Sidney, Ohio that was in the search for some youth fitness equipment pieces for their YMCA location. After spending some time walking around the show, the quickly came after browsing the other vendors to solidify their purchase. We always offer some of our equipment for sale at these trade shows, and the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA was more than happy to take advantage of the opportunistic discount. It not only gives us a great example of how much people love the equipment but this helps show many other YMCA organizations that Exergame Fitness provides top of the line equipment for youth fitness. Time and time again, YMCAs have come back to us because we provide reliable products to engage their kids in a safe way, and we are always there for support.


As always it is great to see a YMCA or any health club for that matter invest in exergaming, and especially the T-Wall 64. This will act as a great first interactive fitness set piece to show others the model of exergaming. Then as many other YMCA locations have done – add more as you go!

They will be using to the lead the renovation and reinvention of their current fitness space. They will reopen this room on August 23rd in cooperation with United Way. We will follow up with more once they have given their kids a chance to try it out and play with it. Then hopefully in the future, we will see a full exergaming space at the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA.

For more info on the YMCA General Assembly show click here to view our recap & thoughts on the event. You may also view a photo gallery of the trade show here [SMUGMUG]. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more interactive fitness and exergaming updates and news!

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