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As we enter the summer months schools, park and rec centers, and most of all YMCAs are getting ready for the huge rush of kids to keep busy. The Springfield YMCA just had their exergaming room installed just in time for the seasonal rush. This is another YMCA that has repurposed their unused racquetball court space into an interactive fitness space.

Take a look at some photos of the room below and to see the full set of photos from the room, visit our SmugMug page here

DSC03110 DSC03115 DSC03109

The product line chosen is the perfect mix of our best selling products to get the most out of your equipment and space. The Springfield YMCA exergaming room includes the following products:

This room features one of more popular exergaming accessories – Active Floor Markings. These are simple strips installed into the flooring to assist in workouts on the different machines. For example, the T-Wall 64’s agility ladder markings adds a whole different set of games and exercises that would be hard to visualize without the markings. You can also see the 3-Kick’s markings showing different tiered distances you can stand from the machine, the markings remove the guesswork out of activities and makes things easier for everyone involved.

The Springfield YMCA is just down the road from a fellow YMCA that also recently received exergaming equipment. The Decatur Family YMCA back in January  received several interactive fitness equipment pieces for their youth fitness room. This not only strengthens the local exergaming network but also shows the dedication of the YMCAs in making sure their kids are active, safe, and developing.

We hope that the local network of Central Illinois YMCAs continue their dedication to help fight childhood obesity, to keep the kids safe, and to bring the engagement and development of exergaming to them. We hope to see the Springfield YMCA and all of the other wonderful locations across the country at this years YMCA General Assembly 2016. It only comes every three years so don’t miss out, come see us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all of your exergaming industry and interactive fitness news & updates!

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