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Active Therapy Uses JumpQ for Plytometric Training
Active Therapy Uses JumpQ for Plytometric Training

Aaron Morgan Active Therapy is a registered provider that supports people with disabilities. They are committed to, and abide by, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Practice Standards and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission requirements. Recently Active Therapy implemented the FIT Interactive Jump Q to their programming. This fitness product is one of our favorites because of what it…

Exergame Locations: Springfield YMCA

As we enter the summer months schools, park and rec centers, and most of all YMCAs are getting ready for the huge rush of kids to keep busy. The Springfield YMCA just had their exergaming room installed just in time for the seasonal rush. This is another YMCA that has repurposed their unused racquetball court space into an interactive fitness space.…

Success Stories: Rye YMCA ExerZone

The Rye YMCA has had great success with their new Rye YMCA ExerZone featuring some top of the line Exergame products. One of the biggest reasons for making the room was to have a safe place where kids could be active while their parents used the facility. So far it has been used for exactly that, and more. Adults are…

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