One of the most difficult things about working out is that, if you can’t find an activity you enjoy, it’s hard to stick to. Exergame Fitness offers a variety of exergames that are not only fun, but also help improve different aspects of your athletic abilities.

One exergame that is popular for both adults and kids is the iWall, an interactive fitness game that includes two large screen displays and activity space for exergaming. The iWall is the perfect iWall gaming Exergame for schools, fitness clubs, hotels, activity parks, rehabilitation centers, and other places where people want to get active and have fun doing it. This is the perfect fitness gaming solution. If you’re interested in having an iWall installed at your facility, contact us.

Get Your Exergame On

Exergaming with the iWall is a simple fitness tech gaming product. It includes two large screen displays, a computer, a motion sensor, and four different games to choose from. Depending on the type of facility you own, you can also purchase additional games in a separate package. These different fitness gaming technology games are customized specifically for schools; fitness clubs; hotels, cruisers, and airports; activity and trampoline parks; rehabilitation; and much more.

The display screens and motion sensor are built into a wall façade that you can set up anywhere that there is also room for the exergaming area. The area will be marked off by a black and yellow striped, rectangular border for safety and to mark the optimal area for the motion sensor to pick up your movements.

The iWall is a great activity based video game to play individually or with a friend. It’s fun and engaging for all ages, and is appropriately challenging for all fitness levels. The iWall fitness gaming zone helps with mobility, balance, and muscular endurance. The games include activities that train your coordination, reaction speed, and spatial awareness.

In order to complete fitness gaming activity, you’ll need to develop a strategy, time your movements correctly, and focus on how you’re moving as well as what’s on the screen. The main forms of exercise for the iWall fitness entertainment are yoga, cardio, and high-intensity interval training.

What’s Included

Each display screen on the iWall is 65 inches and high-definition with tempered glass. The iWall gaming includes a gaming PC with four games and a wireless keyboard. You can add additional games to the computer that are sold separately. The system includes a 12-volt power supply. When the iWall fitness game is assembled, it is 117 inches wide, 78 inches tall, 11 inches deep, and weighs 425 pounds.

Be The Controller

With interactive fitness, you are the game controller. In order to run faster in the game, you’ll need to run faster and raise your knees higher in real life. From yoga to HIIT and cardio, the iWall fitness includes everything you need to get warmed up or improve your physical fitness.

At Exergame Fitness, our philosophy is to create fun and exciting environments where the worlds of fitness gaming technology and fitness intersect. We’ve helped hundreds of clubs reach their fitness goals, and we can help you, too. If you’re interested in this fitness gaming zone like the iWall or another one of our Exergames, contact us today!

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