Maybe you’re asking yourself what exactly is Sports Performance Training?

Sports Performance Training is training of the body and mind to prepare for the rigors of a specific sport. It differs from personal training in that the athlete is conditioned and prepared properly to compete in their sport of choice. The focus is to enhance the athlete’s performance in competition by using the latest advancements in sports science and kinesiology to develop a sport specific strength and conditioning program that improves the athlete’s overall athleticism. It’s designed to improve strength, agility, speed, power, coordination, and balance.

How does this tie into Exergame?

Well the majority of our Exergame products are designed to improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination, including the Heavy Ball! The Heavy Ball is a product that is a great alternative for a strength and cardio workout. The object of the game is simple. The goal is to put the medicine ball in the shoot with the light on and retrieve it from the archway below. Then, quickly move it to the next shoot with the light on. The beauty of the Heavy Ball is it has the flexibility to tie in sports performance training while using it. This makes for something else the athlete has to think about so it enhances their focus, reaction time, speed, and strength.

Any simple cardio, agility, or strength drill can be used with the Heavy Ball. Examples below.

Lateral Slides

Have the athlete perform lateral slides with a medicine ball. As the shoot lights up, the athlete slides with the medicine ball and drops the medicine ball in the shoot. This is a great drill to help improve lower body strength and lateral quickness. To make it more challenging, an alternative would be to have the athlete keep the medicine ball over their head while doing lateral slides.


Have the athlete squat and then drop the medicine ball in the shoot. This is another great exercise to improve lower body strength.

Partner Toss

Toss a medicine ball back and forth with partner. Once the person using the Heavy Ball tosses the medicine ball to their partner have them do a push up, lunge, sit up, etc. Once they get the medicine ball back, find the shoot with the light on and drop it in.

Another option would be to set up a cone. Once they throw the medicine ball to their partner, they go sprint and touch the cone. Once they get the medicine ball back, find the shoot with the light on and drop it in. This can be a great alternative for a cardio workout.

Exergaming can be of great benefit to sports specific training. It’s add an interactive concept to enhance focus, speed, reaction time, and much more!

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