What is the best kind of physical activity? The activity you enjoy enough to actually do every day. Exergames, active-play games, are a high-tech approach to fitness that could help many people become active and stay active. Interactive fitness and gaming is simply active play. That is, participants are physically playing a game and not just passively watching it or doing some boring, monotonous exercise.

Exergames offer recreational opportunities that are challenging, rewarding and entertaining. Studies show that people play interactive games for a number of reasons including to have fun, stay fit and even to meet other people. No matter the reason, people who play these games reap a number of benefits.

Physical Benefits

Games like iDANCE deliver a level of activity similar to people who run, sometimes it even surpasses it. Think about competing in a dance-off and how much energy you would burn. It would be like Dancing With the Stars or something similar without the television cameras and studio audience.

Other physical benefits of games like iDANCE include increased agility, improved speed, a sense of rhythm, coordination, reaction time and endurance. The beauty of games like these is that the skills you acquire by playing them can be easily transferred to the real world. Those moves you bust while playing iDANCE helps you in everyday situations.

Cognitive Benefits

Consider the interactive aspect of active gaming. You have attention to details, competition, the need to make decisions and anticipation what might happen next, all of which are skills you use every day in the real world. Physical activity aside, there are a number of other skills that have a positive effect on functioning to your best ability. The skills you acquire while engaging in active gaming, like working memory, planning, multi-tasking and problem solving, are particularity beneficial on the job.

These type of games hold the potential to improve academic performance in children as well. In fact, research has shown a positive correlation between utilizing games like iDANCE and performance in school. Go figure, dancing can help students improve their grades. More specifically, interactive games help kids improve pattern recognition, ordering and sequencing skills and higher overall competence level.

Games like iDANCE can be particularity beneficial to seniors as they help delay dementia and improve their cognitive skills.

Social Benefits

Many exercise games are interactive and offer a multiplayer experience with various people playing at different skill levels. This not only fosters friendship among players, it has a positive effect on self-esteem. The immersive nature of some games gives a sense of community as common goals are achieved as a team. And because the focus of players is often on a television screen and not on each other, there is a reduced body self-consciousness.

Dance and Step Games

IStep is a multiplayer dance game that delivers social benefits as well as cognitive and physical benefits. It offers 23 levels of difficulty and does a wonderful job in getting participants exercising and moving about. Get your groove on with your choice of 50 songs from various genres and regions. Individual performance feedback help participants improve their skills and varying degree of difficulties and huge song variety keeps users energetic and excited.

iDANCE is a fun and challenging dance game that is simple to learn and exciting to play. It offers a wide range of levels to conquer and with over 100 songs, you never grow bored playing it. The iDANCE 2 has features that set it apart and make it a truly unique experience. For example, you can utilize up to 32 dance pads at once so it is perfect for fitness groups, schools and leisure centers.

Gaming Bikes

Biking never gets boring with the Exerbike GS. This gaming bike is perfect for both kids and adults and works with a standard Xbox system. It is an easy game to play as all you have to do is pedal and watch the screen.

Webracing puts indoor cycling into the virtual world where you meet up with your friends and pedal for miles keeping fit together. It doesn’t matter how dark it is outside, how wet it is or how cold it is because you are warm and dry inside training on a stationary bike watching a screen. As you power your bike through this virtual world, you switch gears to climb a realistic hill and brake hard on the way down.  There is no better way to meet your fitness goals.

Active Wall Games

The tWALL transforms light into movement. It is an easy yet challenging game as participants have to deactivate the lights on the wall as soon as they appear. If you want to train for reaction, agility, endurance or power, the tWALL is the perfect platform. The tWALL will test your personal limits and the results are spectacular.

The tWALL is perfect for kids and a challenge for any adult. Achieve addictive, high-intensity workouts that are fun.

EyePlay is a virtual indoor playground in which kids interact with colorful graphics and sounds. There are a wide variety of fun, educational and active games available so they will never get bored. There are a number of options available with EyePlay and it is suitable for any kid-friendly venue and is a must-have exercise and entertainment solution for malls, medical centers and even museums.

Exergame provides the best cutting-edge fitness games for all types of health centers, schools, YMCA’s and other organizations. Contact us for more details.

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