Mercer County Family YMCA serves the residents of the Mercer County area through many different programs and membership privileges. Their Y strives to provide a safe place for youth and families while emphasizing quality values and providing opportunities for growth in spirit, mind and body.

As the childhood obesity crisis continues to grow, Mercer YMCA wanted to create a program to help get kids more active; but could also be used by adults for personal training programs.  They came to Exergame with an idea to make fitness fun for all ages!

At the Mercer YMCA you will find things like the iWall, tWall, 3 Kick, Projection System, and Heavyball!  All perfect fits for a well rounded HIIT type workout!

iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game. Play on your own or share the fun with someone in multiplayer mode in one of our fitness games.

Whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction, tWALL tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge.

The Fit Interactive 3 Kick is a fitness product that is designed with proprietary and resilient foam pads. These pads can be punched, kicked, slapped, or tapped with shoes or bare feet, a fist, or an open palm. They are great for a person of any age because they are so much fun and allows you to get a great workout in while blowing off some steam.

Turn any area into a virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds projected onto the floor. The Beam Interactive Floor is a perfect exergame for child care, daycare, birthday party rooms, lobbies, and more.

Whether you have a kids fitness center or an adult gym, this interactive fitness product the Heavyball will get your clients excited about exercising. The object of this fun, interactive game is to put the medicine ball into the hole with the light on and retrieve it from the archway below. Then, quickly move it to the next hole with the light on. It is a great training tool for lateral movement and squatting.

Checkout how we are impacting fitness programs at YMCA’s across the USA below.

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