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The innovation in Exergame equipment doesn’t just come from the machines or software, but it also comes from the gym area itself, it’s more interactive and unique than a traditional gym space. Our products can easily be set up individually and still get a great amount of use, but when using the option of our full room solutions, (or ‘ExerZone’), we see lots of amazing results. Our newest partner to go down this path is the Rye YMCA Fitness Center in Rye, New York. As we have posted before, the Rye YMCA Fitness Center is very excited to be joining us for this transformation, as are we.

This room is meant not only for kids to engage in being active, but also for adults who might not want their workout to be as dull as a traditional workout or simply don’t find machines as rewarding. In their lineup of machines they will have our popular Exerbike, which is great for engaging kids who might be a little shy, but also will be featuring some more serious workout equipment like the Nexersys and the T-Wall. The Rye YMCA Fitness Center really wants this to be an area where all age groups and levels of passion for fitness can coexist. Rarely would you see a child playing on a game and an adult engulfed in a serious workout in the same room, but with the equipment in the ExerZone, it is possible.

The Rye YMCA fitness center has had some unused space as they explain on a promotional page, the space for the new ExerZone is being remodeled:

“In addition to the hundreds of different ways the Rye Y currently helps people become more active, this August, the Y’s underutilized racquetball court will be transformed into ExerZone, an innovative studio that will intersect fitness, fun and technology!”

Also their blog on the main site:

“Adding the elements of both technology and play, this studio will offer one more option for members who are looking for ways to become more active, or who want to mix up their routine.”

Rye YMCA Fitness Center model
A 3D mock-up of the new remodeled ExerZone

This interactive technology really is rewarding for not only the members the Y, but the Rye YMCA Fitness Center as well. We provide pre-made workout routines and programs for classes and general use. The trainers and staff can also find new ways of using some of the equipment, making the interest and use of these machines last much longer than traditional machines.

It should be noted that the room will only be available to those with a membership to the Rye YMCA Fitness Center, but will also be open for special sponsored events. The renovations will start on August 1st, with the completion of the room being in September. All this information and more can be found on page 2 of their promotional hand out.

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