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We have been keeping up the Rye YMCA and the progress their renovations have made are outstanding. If you did not read our previous post about the Rye YMCA ExerZone, they decided to remove their racquetball court, renovate the room, and have us install an ExerZone. The room opens officially to the public on Monday, September 21st 2015. The room will provide a good variety of machines for kids to be active on. The following is a list the of interactive fitness equipment at the Rye YMCA ExerZone:

From something more intensive like the Nexersys all the way to the Exerbike GS a more leisurely workout, there is something for every child and teenager here. With kids so occupied and engulfed in physical activity, their parents are free to enjoy the rest of the health club worry free. The Rye YMCA ExerZone shows that the Rye knows their members and their needs, a very family oriented community and environment.

Rye YMCA ExerZone
Progress of the Rye YMCA ExerZone since early August.

The Rye YMCA ExerZone also shows us how well renovations and remodels at gyms can go for Exergame Fitness equipment. They started the work in early August and the installations were started and completed the week before its grand opening. With the will to do so and the effort put forward gyms and health clubs can completely turn around aspects of their facilities, like an entire gym.

We are very proud of the Rye YMCA ExerZone, on both sides. The Rye has been very eager to get the room in and see what people think so we could not be happy it is finished for them. Stay tuned for more updates, photos, and information on the Rye YMCA ExerZone. If you would like to check photos out of the process or some shots of the finished room, click here to go to our SmugMug page, which will be continually updated.

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