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As always we love highlighting successful customer experiences that have received exergaming equipment. One location that we recently got back in touch with through the 2016 YMCA General Assembly, the Indian Valley Family YMCA, has had huge success with one of their interactive fitness pieces – the T-Wall 16. Below is a quote from the Wellness Director over at the Indian Valley Family YMCA about a great relationship between a personal trainer and her client with special needs.

“Alicia is a Personal Trainer at the Indian Valley Family YMCA in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. One of her most memorable and inspiring clients is Meredith. Meredith was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes her to experience tremors and have issues with her balance, coordination, and speech. Being the excellent trainer that she is, Alicia is always looking for new and novel ways to help Meredith improve her motor functioning. Meredith uses the T-Wall to improve her upper body stability, her ability to reach across her body, and her coordination. Standing at the T-Wall and using both hands also helps to improve her balance and posture. They use the ‘Only 3 Colors’ game to work on cognitive skills, as well. Having the T-Wall has helped Meredith in multiple ways by providing a fun (and challenging) workout during her visits to the Y.”

Alex Burdzy – Wellness Director

Indian Valley Testimonial 2 Indian Valley Testimonial 3 Indian Valley Testimonial 1

The T-Wall unit provides the perfect comfortable and fun workout that Meredith needs, including built-in reaction and speed training programs. The simple programs allows easy progression and satisfaction from completing the games on a surface level – but also allow for Meredith and Alicia to work on developing Meredith’s motor skills and reactions. To see someone’s life improve because of our exergaming equipment brings us a lot of joy and excites us about bringing interactive fitness to more medical and rehab environments.

We wish the best to Meredith on her training and Alicia on developing more routines/programs on the T-Wall 16. With time and dedication, our interactive fitness equipment can help everyone achieve their fitness & wellness goals. The hope is that this spreads to one more person that needs it then one more YMCA that needs it until every YMCA in the country experiences exergaming! Check back for more exergaming industry updates and news – follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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