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We love highlighting and looking back on health clubs, gyms, and YMCAs to see their experiences and where they are now. Almost a year ago we had the pleasure of installing some exergaming equipment at the Luter Family YMCA in Smithfield, Virginia. They purchased a great combination of popular exergaming equipment including the T-Wall 32, 3 Kick, Heavy Ball, and the EyePlay Floor system.

interactive fitness
Fit Interactive 3 Kick & Heavy Ball at the Luter Family YMCA

These products combined together give a great experience for someone trying out exergaming or for someone’s regular routine. They have all the machines in the same area, making it pretty simple to go from machine to machine. An exercise using these could be cardio on the T-Wall 32, squats and legs on the Heavy Ball, and finally reaction and extension training on the 3 Kick. With the versatility of all these machines, you can certainly mix and match different workouts and exercises.

The only one being left out of a ‘serious’ workout would be the EyePlay Floor, it being centered more towards children. The placement of the EyePlay Floor system is perfect, it sits in the same room as the other exergame equipment but enough to the side to not get in the way. This makes it so a parent can workout on our interactive fitness machines while making sure their child is safe, staying active, and even engaging with them in your workout.

The Luter Family YMCA also has a an anti-obesity program that aligns with the goals of Exergame Fitness, to make sure all kids are active and stay healthy. They have a program called the 5210 Program to Fight Childhood Obesity

“5210 education is provided in all YMCA School-Age Child Care and Preschool Child Development programs. It helps children to: learn about healthy eating and exercise, redirect excessive “screen time” (TV, computer use, video games, etc.) and select healthier drinks. Aspects of 5210 are incorporated into a variety of other Y programs such as swim lessons, Youth Super Sports, Child Watch, First Tee, and Summer Camp. And, because we want to model good habits to our kids, even our vending choices have changed to be healthy ones.

5210 educates children, already participating in our programs, about making healthy choices and provides take-home educational materials so families can support healthy choices as well. The 5210 program is based on the most recent science and research available; we’ve added “the Y way” to make it fun and interactive for children. 5210 is built on four main pillars that help children live healthy every day.”

Two YMCA members testing out the T-Wall 32.
Two YMCA members testing out the T-Wall 32.

This is a great program that teaches kids lessons that they will use for the rest of their lives to stay healthy and active. YMCAs that include these programs along side Exergame Fitness’s interactive fitness equipment, see tons of success. You can view the rest of the program and all of its pillars here.

Overall everything is going great for the Luter Family YMCA after receiving their exergaming equipment. Their dedication to children health and obesity along with their interactive fitness products makes their future look bright going into the next year. See their website here for more YMCA community news, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for all of your exergaming needs!

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