How can you improve the best athletes? How quick are your athletes to react? The player who reacts the quickest gets there the quickest. Practice can help improve these areas, but the Makoto helps improve the connection between the brain and the body.

The Makoto is unique in sports enhancement. Training with it improves first-step speed, reaction time, mental focus, concentration, and hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Every time you play, your reaction time and accuracy are measured. Scoring makes it easy to track and work for improvement. Sound and light frequencies can be set for each player’s ability. The beauty of the Makoto is any common sports performance drill can be used, but now you’re just adding in another factor while training. This allows for the athlete to quickly improve their focus and reaction time. Once they get back with there team, the athlete will notice immense improvement on the field or court!

Here’s some example drills to consider while the athlete is using the Makoto:

    • Agility Hurdles
    • Pushups- athletes can do pushups between hitting the lights. This is a terrific way of increasing stamina.
    • Assign a task. For example, the trainer can hold up a number for the athlete between hitting the lights. You can also have the athlete partner up with someone, and they can toss a tennis ball, football, small medicine ball, etc. to each other between hitting the lights. This is a perfect way to increase their concentration level.
    • Cone drills. Set up cones outside the Makoto for the athlete to hit. This improves the athlete’s quickness and reaction time. Change up the patterns so the athlete continues to be tested.
    • Hand/Eye Coordination- use one tower and have the athlete hit targets on the right with the left hand and targets on the left with the right hand, and targets in the middle with either hand.
    • Basketball Drill- use all three towers and have the athlete dribble a basketball while hitting the targets
    • Football Drill-use all three towers and have the player hit the targets. For example, a QB can use the Makoto to improve peripheral vision.

Makoto is a game. It combines exercise with the proven science of Sensory Integration therapy to improve neurological and physical performance. Coaches, trainers, and athletes all remark on how Makoto achieves their goals while not feeling like therapy or training. A good workout takes just 15 minutes. That’s right just 15 minutes!!

Coaches, trainers, and athletes all remark on how Makoto achieves their goals while not feeling like therapy or training! Contact us today to learn more.

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