One of the big questions I see continually throughout the YMCAs is, “How do I show value to the teens when trying to sell a family membership.”  Many teens might not find the fitness center interesting, or may feel to old for the childcare spaces.  So the big question becomes “how can I give them an active space that they will enjoy,” while allowing time for parents to have their own time as well?  Enter Exergaming.

Recently the YMCA of Skagit had these exact same feelings, and came to Exergame to help close the gap with their teen programs. Exergames, or active video games that combine physical activity with gaming elements, can be a valuable tool for attracting teens and families to YMCA memberships.

Appealing to Teens:

  • Exergames are often interactive and engaging, making them particularly appealing to teenagers who are already familiar with and enjoy video games.
  • Incorporating technology into fitness routines can make exercise more enjoyable for teens, increasing the likelihood that they will participate in physical activities.

Promoting Physical Activity:

  • Exergames require participants to move their bodies, promoting physical activity in an entertaining way.
  • Families can engage in friendly competition or collaborative play, fostering a positive atmosphere for exercise.

Variety and Novelty:

  • Exergames offer a wide range of activities and virtual environments, providing variety in workouts and preventing boredom.
  • Regularly updating the exergame options can keep families excited and motivated to explore new challenges together.

By incorporating exergames into the YMCA experience, the organization can create a dynamic and appealing environment that resonates with teens and families.

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