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YMCA Greater Houston Opens Full Exergaming Room
YMCA Greater Houston Opens Full Exergaming Room

The YMCA of Greater Houston offers a wide variety of programs for children of all ages. A few examples of some of their successful programs include: Youth Sports – The YMCA offers a range of youth sports programs, including basketball, soccer, flag football, and volleyball. Before and After School Programs – The YMCA offers before and after school programs that…

Carlisle YMCA Adds iWall to Exergaming Room
Carlisle YMCA Adds iWall to Exergaming Room

Since 1859 the Carlisle YMCA has been in the heart of the community, accessible to all who want to grow stronger in spirit, mind and body. They continue to push forward with their mission to promote personal growth, enhance family values and provide community service through programs available to all. A few years back Exergame was lucky enough to install…

Fort Leavenworth DoDDS Use Fitness Gaming in SPED, PE, BD Students

The Fort Leavenworth School District is unique, not only in the State of Kansas but also in the country. What makes this district unique is that we are a State of Kansas Public School District entirely on Federal Property. Though we are on Federal Property, we are not part of the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) system. We adhere…

City of Mount Vernon Adds Interactive Fitness iWall to Park District

The City of Mt Vernon recently welcomed members to the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center “the LBC”. The LBC is a vital center of their community where everyone can gather, grow, and thrive. This 33,000 square foot facility has been has been in the works for the past 20 years! From group exercise classes and team activities to spaces…

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