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Corsicana, Texas is a community that values its history and the people that continue to make the town a great place to live.  The Corsicana YMCA wanted to continue this by motivating their future members to be active and healthy at a young age by introducing interactive fitness and Exergaming.

At the beginning of summer, the Corsicana YMCA opened itsdoors to their brand new Exergame Youth X room. This room was specifically built to be a data-driven and gamified fitness solution for kids ages 7-14. The YMCA was looking to fill the gap that most facilities struggle with.  It seems that age can be a tough group toprogram for until they implemented Exergames. It is the perfect way to comb childhood obesity in the community and offers kids a chance to exercise while playing the games they love indoors. Most kids don’t even realize how much they worked out due to the amount of fun they’re having.

Terry Seth, Executive Director of the Corsicana YMCA, is very pleased with the room.  “We measure around 60 to 65 people a day in the room, said Seth.” The Exergame room is open for several hours during the morning and late afternoon.  Kids can check-in, play, and check out as they wish.”  To engage the kids, even more, they are working on developing additional programming in the Fall. “Weare going to put a twist to the games by adding the ability to earn points along with some friendly competition said, Seth.”

In over two months, Corsicana YMCA has seen much attraction to the room.  Even the staff loves the room.  They are building relationships with the kids as both staff and members sometimes play the exergames together. The Corsicana YMCA not only was able to fill the gap for their facility, but they also realized the products can be multi-generational.

To view the Corsicana YMCA Youth X room, please click here.

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