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A couple of weeks ago we helped out Estes Park Middle School in creating their Estes Park Exercise Learning Center (ELC). The Estes Park Middle School are The Bobcats, and their website can be found here. We installed several popular pieces of equipment that we think will really make an impact on the kids. The following products were installed at the Estes Park Exercise Learning Center:

Not only do these machines motivate a younger generation to stay active, but they can do it together. Being able to play together on these interactive fitness machines motivates the kids to push each other further, and to get active in general. Particularly the Spivi Virtual Indoor Biking System and the iStep Dance System do this very well. The Estes Park Exercise Learning Center made sure to have games that are multiplayer but still rely on your own effort to play. The Spivi allows a group to ride a virtual course together and have their own avatars move/progress as they do. From the store page:

“Spivi collects data from each bike, combines it with personal information, and processes everything into a unique group simulation.”

Our iStep Dance Dance Revolution system also encourages people to play together:

“Through 23 difficulty levels, iStep will get players exercising while moving to the rhythm of their choice of 50 songs from various genres and regions. This multiplayer dance game uses 2-4 wired mats and can be later upgraded to a full iDance system.”

Estes Park Exercise Learning Center
WaterRower VGS at the Estes Park Exercise Learning Center

Going by the generation and age group, the Estes Park Exercise Learning Center is the perfect place to see how kids get into interactive fitness. Whether it be playing a video game on the Exerbike or moving their avatar in Spivi or WaterRower VGS, these interactive fitness & gaming products are loved by the kids.

We always hope the best when we install an ‘ExerZone’ fitness room, and Estes Park Middle School is no different. This room will be available to the students at the Estes Park Middle School, a wide range of kids from 6th-8th grade. The experiences will be different and may not be effective on every student, but this encourages physical activity and the idea that it is fun & social, something very much needed in schools.

You can view photos of the installation and the machines in use on our SmugMug page here.

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