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The next generation of fitness is here; it’s the wearable technology, or the Spivi Virtual Indoor Cycling classes. It’s interactive fitness equipment like Exerbike or iDance or even home fitness like the Nintendo Wii. If the current generation of adults are integrating this much technology into fitness routines, it would only make sense to have a solution on how to introduce the newest age group (toddlers to tweens) into the tech-fit era.

At Exergame Fitness, we’ve developed a solution to give kids a safe and engaging place in organizations like a YMCA, school, rec center, or health club. It’s called the Exergame Playground designed for kids age one to ten years old.

The philosophy behind Exergame Playground is to give kids a place of their own; a place where they can feel comfortable and enjoy the time they spend at the club as much as mom and dad do. It’s also an area where kids can begin to learn about and form healthy living habits that last a life time.

The basic Exergame Playground model includes the following products: TWall, EyePlay, Railyard, CardioWall, and Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline. Each of these items is designed to encourage activity by playing the games incorporated into them. The items are user friendly so that kids can play on the equipment from the get go.

It’s important that there are places for kids to play and be active, especially in today’s world where active play has decreased over 50% since the 1970’s for kids. This is despite the fact that experts say kids need at least 60 minutes a day of active play. Kids are also engaging in more screen time than previous generations. 97% of kids play video games and the average kid in the U.S. has 5-7 hours of screen time per day (that’s defined as: time spent in front of a screen – T.V. computer or other item – and is a sedentary activity, meaning they are being physically inactive).

As is evident with increasing amounts of screen time for this country’s youth, especially at younger and younger ages, kids today are growing up in a virtual world. They are on instagram, twitter, playing online or console games, or using apps on their phones. And just ask any parent who they go to when there is an issue with any piece of technology (a not so subtle hint – it’s their kids). The Exergame Playground is designed to meet kids where they feel most comfortable, in their virtual world. Through the use of technology and games, the Exergame Playground is an activity area for kids where they can play and explore virtually and physically.

The best part about the set up of the Exergame Playground is you don’t need a dedicated Exergame room. Most of the products are designed to be stored or installed along the walls of a room. That leaves the rest of the room for other equipment or toys.

In every facility that has incorporated exergaming into their “kid’s zone”, the feedback has been positive and they have seen great return on their investment. Kids are happy to be there and to have the chance to play, and parents are happy to have a safe, fun, and active place for their kids.

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