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Fort Leavenworth DoDDS Use Fitness Gaming in SPED, PE, BD Students

The Fort Leavenworth School District is unique, not only in the State of Kansas but also in the country. What makes this district unique is that we are a State of Kansas Public School District entirely on Federal Property. Though we are on Federal Property, we are not part of the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) system. We adhere to all requirements and regulations from the Kansas Department of Education, KSDE.

A heavy focus for them and their students is a variety of academic resources to include a T.E.A.M.S.(Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Science) focus at each school. Where students stay engaged and excited about learning as we focus on their individual academic growth. 

As part of their Technology and Physical Education implementation, they came to Exergame. Exergaming encourages family participation, bonding, and social integration among peers. Physical activity is the natural way to prevent the negative consequences of stress, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, and other behavioral issues. Products at the school include the Makoto, the iWall, and the tWall.

Makoto is a game. It combines exercise with the proven science of Sensory Integration therapy to improve neurological and physical performance. A good workout takes just 15 minutes, which can be exceptionally beneficial when it comes to trying those who only have a limited amount of time.

Whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction, tWALL tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge.

Get a quick warm up done; focus on improving your mobility, strength, and endurance; or sharpen your balance and coordination. iWall offers interactive fitness games that are also a perfect option for a cardio workout.

Exergaming has been proven to enhance academic performance by building new brain cells and neurological connections that increase learning, memory, and critical thinking.

Here is a great video on the impact of Exergame in Schools!
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